Insiders Hint Kamala Harris Already Mulling VP Picks


Even the most passionate Biden supporters have come to the same conclusion. It’s only a matter of time before Joe Biden acknowledges that he doesn’t qualify to run again for President. In the first place, he never had the qualification to run, but this has been discussed many times. Although she publicly supports the president we can assume she is also planning on remodeling the Oval Office, which would be embarrassing, and considering her own choices for Vice President.

The top Democrats think that a wider race will be held to choose Harris’ running mate, focusing on leading Democratic Governors. Andy Beshear, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Josh Shapiro, from Pennsylvania, J.B. Pritzker, from Illinois, and Tim Walz, from Minnesota are all mentioned.

Kamala Harris’ career has made it difficult to underestimate her. Although her elevator doesn’t reach the top of the building, it does go to the third floor.

Here’s a comparison that CNN has made:

A Democratic Senator described the case of Harris with a colorful, extended metaphor. He compared Biden to his Vice President, a quarterback who needs to be taken off the field.

In the huddle we begin to ask, “Does the backup QB come in?” He is familiar with our team and knows all the plays. The backup quarterback has also played for the NFL,” said Senator. “Put in the QB from Wisconsin!” or “Put in the kid from Alabama!” All because our backup quarterback threw an interception.

The star quarterback is still in the lead, but he’s not the only one. Kamala Harris is like PeeWee Herman, a PeeWee who is eager to throw the ball.

Harris’ choice of VP will be hilarious. I would guess that she might choose a woman from the left who is of color, perhaps with a uterus. If she doesn’t choose some five-spirit pink-haired animalkin soulmate, it’s unlikely that Kamala Harris suffers from Pronoia. It’s not paranoia, it’s the opposite. I’m not a psychiatrist or a TV actor. This means Kamala Harris believes that people are just like her, despite the evidence.

Kamala’s hand might have a knife (metaphorically) in it. The hand Kamala uses to slap you back could have a metaphorical knife in it.