Alleged Leaker Jack Teixeira Is Neither a Hero nor a Martyr


Jack Teixeira (21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard Airman) was arrested on Thursday for unauthorized retention and transmission of defense information. Texeira, a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guard airman, was arrested Thursday on charges of unauthorized removal, retention, and transmission of classified documents (Pentagon Leak Suspect Jack Teixeira Charged With Unauthorized Retention, Transmission Of Defense Information). ).

Documents were classified in a variety of ways, with some documents being classified at a very high level. The majority of the documents were about US military support for operations in Ukraine.

Teixeira has been the subject of many stories, but they do not seem to be related to politics.

In my naivete I thought that almost everyone would agree that someone who stole documents from a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, posted them online and made them available to those people a) who weren’t cleared to view them, b), not in the military and c), not necessarily US citizens, was wrong. But boy, was that stupid.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not the target of my criticism because, despite her rough edges, she seems to have a better grasp on the macro picture than the GOP establishment, which insists on singing, “Don’t worry, be happy” while our freedoms and rights are being destroyed. It is not smart to endorse the theft of top-secret documents just because they seem to make a point that you agree with…this round…

Teixeira’s “anti-war” stance is not supported by any concrete evidence. The documents that he uploaded to the internet were completely devoid of any references to war or peace. I will not argue that being White and Christian makes him the enemy to the Biden White House, and its minions.

According to public statements made by the Defense Department in the past, the “troops on the ground” are 14 US Special Operations soldiers who are confirming the use and receipt of US weapons and ammunition transferred to Ukraine. The document that mentions them has the lowest security classification possible: SECRET. No “codeword” is required. The numbers of these people are shown in a panel in the slide that shows the level of staffing at the US Embassy in Kiev. This was covered in my Ukraine Update yesterday, Putin’s war, week 59. Russia goes ISIS, and waiting for General Mud’s break. Our guys are excellent, but no one will use them for anything important. The Mobile Training Team will be bigger to bring Ukraine SOF standards up. A routine, low-classified presentation will not include any information about combat operations or unreported military activities.

Teixeira did not tell the “truth” regarding US troops on ground. Even the Russians declared that the documents were a provocation by the US. This is a big revelation only to their “conservatives” on social media. Teixeira violated his enlistment vow. That’s it. The way he leaked the documents proves that he had no political or anti-deep state motivation. It took about a month before the documents were posted on social media. Many slides had been altered in the interim: See Secret Pentagon Documents Emerged on a Minecraft Player Forum, WTF for more details. for more details.

It’s sad that a young person has wasted a large portion of his life to impress his friends. Jack Teixeira is not a hero or a martyr. We can sympathize with him, but we should also realize that he’s not. It’s time for those who are pushing this line to stop and take a breath before making claims that are simply not true.