Transgender Teacher Suspended for Threatening to Shoot Students


After threatening to shoot students at a Florida middle school several weeks ago, a male teacher posing as a female was removed.

Alexander Renczkowski told an administrator at Fox Chapel Middle School, Hernando County in Florida, that he was having suicidal feelings on March 24. According to a report by a school resources officer posted on Facebook by Moms for Liberty, he also told the administrator that he wanted to “shoot some students because they were not performing up to their abilities.”

Renczkowski confessed to the administrator that he was depressed and had taken antidepressants. The report also stated that he identifies himself as a female, uses female hormones, and plans to have surgery this summer. In 2021 he began to use the first name Ashlee and abandoned the name, Alexander.

Deputies removed three guns from his home, which he shares along with his wife Fawn Renczkowski who also teaches in Fox Chapel, due to his disturbing comments.

After an investigation, however, Renczkowski was cleared of any threat to the students. He returned to school on the following day. Renczkowski made threatening remarks to parents, but they were not informed until a local reporter broke the story weeks later.

Carmine Rufa, Fox Chapel’s principal, then sent a recording to parents Monday – 17 days after Renczkowski had made the comment about shooting students.

Rufa said that while the teacher had made a comment about student behavior to his colleagues, it was not a threat to campus. Instead, the staff and law enforcement determined that the comment was an expression of frustration.

Parents gathered in a school board room on Tuesday to express their anger that Renczkowski was still employed and that they had not been informed of his violent threats. Superintendent John Stratton stood his ground at the meeting and insisted repeatedly that Renczkowski was thoroughly vetted by experts and did not present a danger to him or the students.

Stratton said to parents: “I cannot share all of the facts with you, but I can tell that I respect the Sheriff’s Department and his team, and I respect my own team.” “Remember that both groups who do this every day determined there wasn’t an immediate threat.”

Stratton silenced parents as well by saying that a meeting of the school board was not a “back-and-forth”, and he asked them to rely on his judgment and the judgments of local law enforcement.

Within 24 hours Stratton seemed to have changed his tune. On Wednesday night, the Florida Department of Education contacted Stratton. Renczkowski’s removal from the school was effective the next day.

Stratton said he reversed his course and fired Renczkowski when “details not known to the school district” came to light.

“The school district will continue investigating the incident in light of the additional information,” Stratton stated in a press release. “… We will examine all actions taken that day and the days that followed the incident to determine if there were any missed steps.

The statement said that “as has been our practice for many years, the teacher is removed from any contact with students while the matter is under investigation. A date to return to work is not yet determined pending the result of the district review.”

Parents are relieved Renczkowski has left the classroom for the moment, but some are angry that Stratton, and the other district administrators, removed him after being under pressure from parents and the State Department of Education.

Monty Floyd, a former candidate for the school board, said: “I find this both frightening and comical. The school board now finds more information in a magical way.” It seems the only change is that now the public knows about the incident, and the school district is scrambling for relevance after they launched a massive campaign of gaslighting to mislead and bury it.

This video was shared by the school website. It is narrated and narrated in English by Principal Rufa. Rufa says at the end of the video that “Our mission is to provide a rewarding, safe, and enjoyable middle school experience for our students.” The video does not show anyone matching Renczkowski’s description.