Angry Left-Winger Advocating Pride Threatens to Bomb Several Target Stores


Media outlets received an email detailing a bomb scare after several days of Target’s store being threatened by people who were against their transgender pride display, and the satanic merchandise they sold to celebrate that ideology.

This email is not surprising. It was sent by an LGBTQ enthusiast who was angry that the store had removed certain items from their Pride display. Target began removing some items after customers boycotted the store because they didn’t want their children to see Pride-themed merchandise, including bathing suits with tucking technologies.

The email stated, “Target has a lot of [redacted] cowards that turned their backs on the LGBTQ community. They decided to cater to the homophobic redneck right-wing bigots protesting and vandalizing their store. We won’t sit by and watch as the far right hunts us down. We are sending you a signal we placed a nuclear bomb on the following target.”

The terrorist then listed five different targets in Ohio and Pennsylvania and then continued, “We will continue to bomb your targets until you stop cowering and bring back your LGBT merchandise we will not be erased we won’t go quietly.”

It’s not surprising that Target has only been able to produce one actual threat. This was written by a radical LGBT activist, not a right-winger. When we heard that Target received threats, most of us knew that it was unlikely that someone on our side would have done it. Most of us knew that it was unlikely to be someone on our side.

TMZ had reported a few days before that Target received threats from “domestic terrorism” and included a video showing a man knocking down a cardboard rainbow that they said was one of these threats. The only problem was that the video was from two years ago. The mainstream media isn’t concerned with getting the story right as long as the narrative fits: “MAGAMAN bad”, while the remaining Al Gore supporters are as innocent as newborn babies and fluffy puppies.

Democrats continue to play their cards too aggressively. We shouldn’t find it so easy to detect a psychological attack. Maybe they’ve been doing this for so long, that it has become a predictable formula. It’s a fact that Americans are sick of being forced to accept a radical, queer culture.

Americans are by nature and their birthright individualistic and have never been fond of forceful intervention. The movements that upset this deeply rooted independence and freedom of thought are not likely to last. Although we are a patient nation, there is a limit that shouldn’t be crossed.

It’s possible that Bud Light, Target, and North Face, embroiled in an identical controversy, are the first victims of a true culture war. For years we’ve talked about a “culture war”, but in reality, it was just a conversation. It was a cultural conversation, not a war. We could only complain and wave our arms to try and get the nation’s interest.

The radical queer movement has now done us a service by going too far and awakening the low-information citizens, who do not watch political news. They had no idea until they entered Target and saw the satanic violent transgender propaganda right next to air fryers.

In a short time, we have moved from a group that could not successfully boycott in the past 20 years to a group that has stormed the castle by launching two boycotts within a single month. There’s still more to come.

We must thank Democrats for being so radically committed to their absurd ideology that they behave more like priestesses of a blood cult writhing in euphoric ecstasy and fervor instead of cold, calculating strategists. Their unchecked passions have given up the game. And now those people that you see at the grocery store and wonder inside your head “How can they be so blind? Why don’t they know what’s going on?” are awake and they don’t like what their newly-opened eyes have seen.