Budweiser Pulls Manly Man Maneuver in an Attempt to Navigate Crisis


AnheuserBusch’s latest move will not benefit them.

Bud Light has suffered brand damage due to its partnership with the transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Mulvaney mocked females by pretending to look like a girl. Bud Light released a can in recognition of Mulvaney’s accomplishment.

Bud Light gave away free beer to help save its sales during Memorial Day Weekend. Anheuser Busch’s stock is also down dramatically. Anheuser Busch has seen a major drop in stock.

Budweiser is working with Harley-Davidson on a new ad and limited-edition can. It features men drinking beer and working on Harleys while a narration talks about “grit”.

“The greatest legacies are built with grit and resilience, one detail at a time. Limited edition Budweiser Harley-Davidson cans – for those who give everything to their craft. This Bud’s for you.”

More like this “Dud’s” for you, as some observed. It’s also a bit of a stereotype, which means that’s how they think of people. It’s like they went to the ad guys and said, “What can we do to recover and appeal to dudes who used to drink our beer?”

The company’s response is superficial and ignores the real reasons for the anger of its former customers.

They think you’re endorsing Mulvaney or getting involved in politics if you buy Bud Light. They don’t really care about the controversy. It is for this reason that companies should not get involved in political fights.

The problem is that Harley and Bud are in a mess. Bud and Harley have a major mess on their hands.

Bud tries to dig the hole but it seems that all he does is make it deeper.