AOC Adds Gas to Fire In The Democrat Civil War in New York


The media continues to promote the notion that the Republican Party is in chaos as it sails towards a major victory in November. However, Democrats are still in the midst of a political civil war. As disagreements over how to avoid a mid-term wipeout escalate, progressives and moderates continue to clash.

Redistricting in New York is the latest battleground. Multiple incumbent members are fighting for newly drawn districts. After an egregious Democrat gerrymander, a court-ordered a special master of the state’s congressional map to be drawn.

Republican Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, for her part, is adding fuel to the fire by calling for Sean Patrick Maloney (current chair of the DCCC) to resign. This is via Politico.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the first member to call on Thursday for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney’s resignation as House Democrats’ campaign chairman if he is elected to a primary along with a Democratic colleague.

Ocasio-Cortez said Thursday that Maloney’s decision not to run for the newly drawn district, which includes most of Rep. Mondaire’s (D-N.Y.), constituents, was “terrible” as well as “hypocritical” — and it “absolutely further imperils our majority.”

This means that Maloney announced his candidacy for the 17th District. This district covers approximately 75 percent of Rep. Mondaire’s old district. Maloney’s current home is in the 17th District. This makes it possible for him to run. Jones’ current home is in the Westchester County district, which is currently led by Jammal brown. Jones could run against Brown or Maloney?

AOC’s complaint is made more absurd by the logistics. Maloney will run in Maloney’s district against someone who doesn’t live in that area. What is the plan for Jones?

Jones is not only expressing concern, but he also criticizes Maloney’s announcement of a run.

Jones said that Sean Patrick Maloney didn’t give me any warnings before he announced the announcement on Twitter. “And that’s all you need to know about Sean Patrick Maloney,” Jones said.

Jones and AOC are actually upset because Maloney is seen as an establishment figure that threatens the rise of the Justice Democrats clan. This is the civil war I mentioned earlier. Democrats have created a coalition that is not sustainable, even though hardcore liberals are no longer meeting the standards set by the progressive caucus.

AOC says she is worried about losing the majority. However, her selected candidates, who won their primaries on Tuesday, will be eliminated in November. AOC is looking for a way to divert blame and turn the situation into a fight against her party’s establishment. They are stuck with these wild-eyed progressives, and their self-destructive behaviors. They fed the alligator, and now they’re next on the plate.