Fiona Hill Inadvertently Admits Why Putin Wanted Joe Biden


Fiona Hill is quite a character. She was a prominent witness to Donald Trump’s first impeachment. It revolved around the absurd idea that Trump was subverting American international policy, even though the president is responsible for it. Also, there was never any evidence that Trump had arranged a “quid-pro-quo” with Volodymyr Zelensky (both men denied the charge).

Because everything is connected in Washington, D.C., Hill played a part in the Steele Dossier, which introduced Christopher Steele to one of his primary sources. She later lied to Congress about these contacts. Hill also made bizarre statements at the impeachment hearings claiming that Ukraine hadn’t tried to interfere with the 2016 election for Hillary Clinton. That’s patently false, as I wrote at that time.

Hill is a bureaucratic hack with far-left tendencies and an unhealthy obsession with Ukraine. After Russia invaded Eastern European countries, this continued. Hill has repeatedly defended Joe Biden, despite Putin waiting until he was elected to do so. She’s been a constant thorn in her side, trying to criticize Trump and exonerate Biden for his failures in ways that don’t make any sense.

Hill tried to take another dig at Trump at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. Hill was speaking at another globalist organization, full of over-credentialed mediocrities, and it happened again. Hill accidentally admitted that Putin would prefer Biden to be in office before she made her move. After conservatives pointed out her statements, she was accused of “misinterpreting her words”.

Here is exactly what she said.

Hill may be trying to make another lame shot at Trump, but she ends up falling flat on her face and making a harsh critique of Biden, despite this not being her intention.

Hill claims that Putin wanted Biden in office before he invaded Ukraine. He believed that the current president would make it easier for him to negotiate. This admission was made in a ridiculous way. Biden is so intelligent and knowledgeable about global affairs, that Putin wouldn’t have to explain it to him.

However, anyone who has half a brain will be able to see why Putin prefers Biden over Trump. He believed he could negotiate more with Biden and didn’t know how Trump would react.

This is the only reason why anyone would choose one partner to negotiate with over another. It is always about the final result. Nobody goes to a car dealership expecting to be overcharged. Putin saw Biden as a predictable, easy-going pushover who would attempt to preserve the global status quo. This was just like Obama did after the 2014 Russian invasion. Trump was the opposite. He wasn’t able to write a dissertation on NATO, but he knew how to react to aggression.

Hill’s comment is so absurd and funny that it’s almost laughable. Hill actually believes that she is the orange man, stating that Putin preferred Biden. She is driven by a desperate desire to not speak negatively about the president. This further demonstrates how biased and unreliable she was during the impeachment proceedings. It is clear that conservatives need to be careful about who they listen to. Some of us were critical of her at the time.

To her fluff regarding Biden’s foreign affairs knowledge, I would point out his 50-year history of failure on this front.