AOC Suggests January 6th Was an Inside Job in Deranged, Self-Absorbed Rant


After being heckled on Capitol steps the night before, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making headlines throughout Thursday.

In my original write-up, I mentioned that a comedian made a video of himself laughing about AOC as his favorite big booty Latina. This caused a firestorm and her simps online rushed to her defense. AOC was clearly furious and suggested that AOC should have been arrested. However, AOC mocked Justice Brett Kavanaugh just days before she endorsed the public harassment of Republican officials.

AOC did not stop there. She went on a tirade about how awful it was that she was ridiculed in public. Then she took to social media to claim that the USCP did not handle the comedian because January 6th was an internal job. You are not lying.

Some people reading this may think “well, it was an in-house job.” But AOC isn’t referring to the theory that FBI agents opened doors to the Capitol in order for protesters to enter. She suggests that the USCP was involved in the January 6th events because they were supportive of the goal of the rioters who wanted to overthrow the government.

This is absurd. Nancy Pelosi tightly controls the USCP, and many of those who were there on that day have been resistance stars. There is no evidence or reason to believe that USCP officials were supporting insurrectionists.

However, that wasn’t the end. AOC escalated her hysterical fit into Thursday afternoon and chose to pursue the US Capitol Police for failing to do her bidding. Nick Arama, my colleague, said that the USCP released a statement saying that AOC had not broken any laws and that therefore nothing could be done. AOC insists that he should have been dealt with. This is the same person who just days ago told public officials harassed and heckled in public to “eat cakes”, mocking their situation. It’s not the same story when it happens to her.

AOC stands for an emotionally-motivated child. The average five-year-old has more emotional maturity than this woman. It’s amazing that she can keep her head up while she sinks into complete hypocrisy, always playing the victim. People who behave in this manner must have some sort of pathology. She is the “rules are for thee, but they not for me” politician that I have ever seen.