Unconscious Migrant Rescued in Remote West Texas Desert Near Border


Agents from Big Bend Sector Border Patrol continue to rescue migrants who are near death due to heat exposure. Agents risk their lives to rescue migrants crossing illegally into the desolate area.

Agents from Sierra Blanca Station received a report about a migrant who became unconscious due to heat exposure in Texas. According to Sean L. McGoffin, Big Bend Sector Chief Patrol Agent, the agents responded quickly and started life-saving treatment.

The EMT-trained agent treated the migrant and stabilized him. McGoffin reported that agents transported the man half a mile through dense brush and rugged terrain because of the remoteness. The migrant was taken to an area hospital by ambulance in Hudspeth County Texas.

The Big Bend Sector chief said that agents’ knowledge and prompt response saved another life.

McGoffin reported that his sector had rescued 150 migrants in crisis in the last three months — 380 in the current fiscal year.

Chief McGoffin stated that agents in the United States Border Patrol are committed to protecting human life. We are proud to be part of Big Bend Sector’s life-saving efforts, regardless of what the circumstance.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has published a report that shows Border Patrol agents saved a record 14,278 migrants between October 1, 2021, and May 31, 2022. This number is significantly higher than the 12,833 migrant rescues of FY21. The current fiscal year has four months left.