AOC’s Controversial Move: Invoking God Against Trump Rally in Bronx, Rallygoers’ Remarkable Response


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (D-NY), let the cat out when she said that law-fare was keeping former President Donald Trump confined to New York and was the reason he held a South Bronx rally. She didn’t realize she was admitting that lawfare was a form of election interference.

She’s not in her district, but she is in her backyard. The people of the South Bronx are tired of Biden and leftists.

Politico’s reporter, who tweeted this morning about the heavy rainfall, predicted it would make Crotona Park a “muddy mess,” for the Trump rally. AOC replied by saying “God’s good.”

She is essentially wishing the South Bronx rallygoers ill — that their rally will be a mess — and she invokes the name of God to make that wish. It’s not a very good look. She’s a childish prick, as she proves here. The Democrats have been a nuisance for too many years, and people are ready for a change.

But AOC doesn’t understand Trump supporters. Rain or shine, they line up for several hours before an event. A friend of mine and dozens of others camped out on the beach in Wildwood, New Jersey the night before the rally. The rain and mud don’t deter them. The rain stopped and the weather improved by afternoon.

Trump supporters showed up in large numbers on Thursday, hundreds, and it now looks like thousands. If this is anything to go by, New York may be becoming less blue.

Warning: Graphic language

The kids were so excited to see a rapper that they even clapped.

The permit for the venue was 3,500 but it appears that they have more than that; the queues to get in seem long.

AOC was also reminded that while people in the Bronx will show up for Trump, they won’t for her. They posted a picture of an event she held that had a small number of attendees, but did have some protesters.

Someone will have to check up on AOC. She probably isn’t managing this well. After she was rebuked, I can feel her throwing another tantrum. This is also a strong message for other Democrats, and Biden. The people are not going be taken for granted and they’re speaking out today.