Border Patrol Exodus: Shocking Stats Reveal Quarter of Workforce Quits Amid Biden’s Border Crisis


Employers must adhere to some common sense standards. Do not ask someone to do anything you do not want them to, and make sure they have the tools and support necessary to perform their job.

Lack of support, mixed messages, and hidden expectations by the Biden administration have made the jobs of many Border Patrol agents intolerable. A new report shows that since President Biden was elected, nearly one-fourth of the border patrol force quit, retired or were separated in some other way. Since the time of Obama, the number of agents retiring early has more than doubled.

For many, morale is a major factor.

An agent in Arizona stated, “Under Biden, things are worse than ever.” Agents are constantly calling in. You always hear, “It’s not important” or “What is the purpose?” The agents are afraid of being on the news or getting in trouble for doing their job. ”

A low morale can be a result of policies that undermine border patrolmen’s purpose.

Matthew Hudak retired recently as the second in command of the Border Patrol. He said for many agents their work was like Groundhog Day. Hudak said that they arrested illegal immigrants and then released them into the United States rather than detaining or removing them.

Bill Wells is the mayor of El Cajon, California, which has been most affected by Biden Border Crisis. He stated this last week:

Recent reports have also shown alarming suicide rates among border guards. This number is double that of other U.S. law enforcement agencies.

The border crisis would be worsened by a law enforcement crisis without law enforcers.

An anonymous senior Border Patrol official said, “Our agency is half Hispanic.” We are not a racist gang. We want only to enforce the law. They are motivated to stop drug trafficking and criminals from entering.”

We want to see them protect our borders. We should provide all the tools they need to succeed. We need someone who can bring everyone together and use common sense to solve this problem. It could have been done many years ago. If we don’t take action now, we will regret the losses we suffered.