AOC’s Tribute to Jamaal Bowman Ends in Hilarious Blunder


We reported that Squad member Jamaal Bowman was beaten brutally and well-deservedly in the primary election for New York’s 16th Congressional District, by George Latimer, a more moderate Democrat.

Latimer won by 17 points over Bowman.

Bowman’s inability to grasp the district he represents was likely a contributing factor.

Bowman yelled at a rally last weekend: “We’re gonna show AIPAC how powerful the South Bronx is.”

He doesn’t even represent the South Bronx. He represents only a tiny part of the North Bronx. The rest of his district is southern Westchester, a relatively wealthy area. His anti-Israel message was not in line with the wishes of many people living in the district.

Latimer, a former Westchester County executive, had the track record to be able to garner votes from the residents of NY-16.

Bowman’s defeat was not due to AIPAC, as many people thought.

Ritchie Torres (D-NY), who represents the South Bronx in Congress, won his primary without opposition. It sounds like South Bronx sent a message. He is pro-Israel. Bowman, the rest of the radical Squad, and Bowman themselves don’t like one thing.

Republicans enjoyed wishing him goodbye. His concession speech sounded more like an attempt to blame AIPAC or Jewish people for “brainwashing”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) reaction was perhaps the most hilarious. She wanted to pay him tribute now that he has lost and will be leaving Congress.

  • . @JamaalBowman.Son of a single mother.
  • Grew up in public housing
  • Has dedicated his life to education.
  • Become a principal of a school.
  • Established a prized Bronx school for youth.
  • First Black congressman elected for NY16.
  • Never took a dime in corporate money.
  • A true public servant

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo where she looks at her boyfriend in that way. It’s a pretty look.

Others also criticized her for her statements about Bowman. They said that she was incorrect about him being the First Black Congressman in NY-16. Two black members came before him, Adam Clayton Powell and Charles Rangel.

Other additions to the list

The funny thing is that she doesn’t know the correct X account of her “buddy”. She pinged the wrong account. She referred to the wrong person.

Somehow, I think that’s not the account. Who am I to say, when Democrats seem to not know what a “woman” is?