Viral Biden Brain Freeze During Debate Sparks Major Question: Who’s Really Running the Country?


Can we discuss the ridiculous “cheap false” narrative that the Biden Team and many mainstream media outlets have been trying to push us over the last couple of weeks?

According to this narrative, Joe Biden didn’t have a problem. It was only those Republicans who published “edited”, public videos of Biden acting incoherent. Don’t trust the facts or your own eyes.

But Biden proved who was telling the truth in his disastrous debate, and no one could dispute it. You couldn’t understand him half the time. In a previous post, I described what I considered to be the most incoherent moments. It was hard to choose because there were so many. They came fast and furious. This one was about “brothers” and “sisters” raping women. Biden made a bizarre and incoherent statement about forced incest.

I didn’t think you should miss the moment when Biden’s brain froze, because it epitomizes all that we have said about him. I believe that even former president Donald Trump was shocked and felt a little concern for Biden. Russell Brand tweeted this video, and it has received 16 million views. Biden’s statement is a complete mess. He claims that he made everyone eligible for the COVID.

He realized that he had no idea what he was talking about halfway through and froze. Then he finished by saying he “beat Medicare.” Uh, what?

Trump then finished him by pointing out that he had indeed beaten Medicare to a pulp. Boom. It’s true – what Biden did was problematic for Medicare Advantage. We’ve discussed this in the past. I thought Trump was being gracious, and not slapping someone else while he was in crisis.

Look at it, and you’ll see how awful he is. This has been happening for a long time — we’ve been reporting on it, lawmakers have talked about it with the Wall Street Journal and Special Counsel Robert Hur wrote about it in his report. Meanwhile, the Biden team, the Democrats, have denied it. The Biden team and top Democrats were aware of this. Yet, they tried to push this man past the American people to maintain control. Even if they replace him with someone else, this is unacceptable. This is unacceptable and goes against the interests of the United States.

It also brings up the question that we have been asking on a deeper level for some time: who is running the country if this guy is so bad? He isn’t making decisions when he cannot even understand what he says. What are our enemies thinking when they look at this?