Arizona Builds Its Own Border Wall in the Coolest Way Possible


Arizona has been building its wall along its southern border at Yuma. This is a creative way to deal with the crisis.

The state uses stacked storage containers, which are welded together, to barricade open areas effectively. It was announced by Doug Ducey and work immediately began.

These before-and-after photos were taken three days after the announcement.

This is what we call “getting things done”.

Yuma saw 259,895 migrants in fiscal 2022, according to Customs and Border Patrol data. This is indicative of a wider trend in the Southwest. There have been 1.8million encounters since September 2021, which is more than in the previous fiscal year.

Many are asking why it hasn’t been done sooner. The real question is why Biden’s administration hasn’t supported its hardworking border patrol agent and Southwestern communities. RedState confirmed in July that the Department of Homeland Security had stated that they would be filling Yuma’s border gaps. The state decided that it was better not to wait for the government to fix the problem.

Ducey and Texas Governor. Democrats criticized Greg Abbott’s state-based response on the border crisis. They also decided to transport migrants to East Coast communities.

Two storage containers were damaged by a storm, and there was much criticism. The governor quickly refuted the allegations.

This happened before the containers were secured to the ground. All of the containers surrounding them were still standing.

Although politicians have the right to make their views on immigration, this doesn’t change that the reality is that there are many people who cross the border and it makes life difficult for local authorities.

Arizona should be praised for its bold efforts to improve the border area.