Donald Trump Received Millions in Donations Following FBI Raid


He has been receiving millions of dollars from supporters since the FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. Trump is asking his supporters to send him emails to capitalize on the FBI raid and to make donations to his political action team.

The Washington Post reports that donations to Trump’s Action Committee exceeded $1 million within two days of the FBI raid.

Eric Wilson, a Republican strategist said:

“If you don’t talk about Mar-a-Lago when you raise funds, you’re swimming against a current… Trump has had a difficult time in recent months due to not being in the spotlight as much. It’s going to be a good thing for Trump and his team from a fundraising standpoint”.

Trump has raised more than $100 million since he left office to fund his PAC and to use in congressional races. He also keeps some of the donations for a war chest for 2024 if he runs for president. The Washington Post reports that the PAC spent less $5 million on Trump-endorsed candidates, Harriet Hageman and David Perdue in Georgia and Mehmet Oz, in Pennsylvania. Trump will not have any trouble raising funds, no matter what, if and when his candidacy is announced in 2024.

Jessica Baldwin-Philippi from Fordham University, who studies how political campaigns use digital communications, stated:

Trump’s campaign and fundraising have had an impressively dedicated group of constituents, who are especially mobilized by anger.

Trump could use this platform to launch his 2024 White House bid. There are several other potential presidential candidates, including former Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Tom Cotton (R.A.). Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is also interested in running. It wouldn’t surprise to see Liz Cheney running in 2024 to get as many votes as possible from Trump.

The other prominent GOP figure is Governor Ron DeSantis (R–FL), who seems to have caught the attention of GOP donors. They are backing the Governor in 2024 if he decides that he wants to run for president. If he wins his gubernatorial election in November, it could lead to a colossal matchup between Trump or DeSantis, if either of them decides to run. Although one of them will certainly run, it is unlikely that they will both run in 2024.

It is important that Trump voters and DeSantis unite in support of the nominee, defeating the far-left agenda in 2024.