Arizona Libertarian Senate Candidate Drops Out and Endorses Masters


Marc Victor is the Libertarian candidate for Arizona Senate. He will withdraw and support Republican Blake Masters.

Victor reached a decision with Masters and will publish it today.

“Live and Let Live,” an idealistic movement, is based on the belief that “reasonable persons can outlaw aggression.”

Competent adults must be able to decide their own happiness and peacefully pursue that goal.

Anyone can voice their opinion even if they are a bit crazy.

Blake Masters will not be a strong supporter of Live and Let Live, but he might be supportive in general. It will not be soon.

Victor was supported by between one and three percentage points in Arizona. Victor could have a significant impact on a close race, where only a few thousand votes will decide.

New York Times

Mr. Victor was funded previously at least partially by Democrats. This is likely to divert votes from the Republican nominee.

The Save Democracy PAC contributed $5,000, while Defeat Republicans PAC provided $5,000. Ron Conway from California, a Democratic investor, gave Mr. Victor a part of $45,000 in donations in May from Californians with Conway’s last name. These funds are about one-third of the total amount Mr. Victor has raised.

Recent polls indicate Mark Kelly leads by as much as six points. This is why the Democrats need to hold this seat. There are still other seats that the GOP could flip in New Hampshire, Georgia, Nevada, and possibly Colorado. One more seat will determine who controls the Senate.