Biden Works To Make Voters Worried About The Economy


President Joe Biden pitched voters worried about the worsening economy in the last days of a midterm campaign that was becoming increasingly tilted in Republicans’ favor.

Biden spoke at the New York semiconductor factory in Syracuse. Biden praised his administration’s ability to deliver quantifiable results both for U.S. companies and the public, while trying reassure voters that the outlook for the economy is not as grim as some fear.

Biden also claimed that the situation would get worse if Republicans took control of Congress within the next month.

Biden said that the president made many false promises in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, promising jobs and manufacturing investments. But layoffs were made, and factories were closed. ”

He said that Republicans had “put forward a real ticking ball,” suggesting that a Republican takeover in Congress next month could slow down U.S. economic growth at a critical moment.

Biden stated that, while the economy may feel unstable for some people, it is in fact in good health.

He stated that, although it may not seem like it at first glance, incomes of people have increased more than inflation over the past quarter. ”

Biden’s efforts in promoting his manufacturing and jobs agenda coincide with President Obama trying to counter an advantage that the Republicans have in the economy, which is becoming increasingly their greatest concern.

Senior Democratic strategists called on the White House to respond to their request for a stronger economic argument to voters as they count down until November.

A Monmouth University study has shown that Republicans have an advantage of 6 points over Democrats when it comes to registered voters (54% vs 44% for Democrats).

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, record numbers of American households are struggling to pay their daily bills. In key battlegrounds such as Nevada and Georgia, where a Republican challenger is being voted in, New York is gaining more votes.

Biden’s visit to the state comes as Hochul and other Democratic candidates, including the head of the caucus’s fundraising arm, are facing losing seats in areas where the president won with large margins.

Biden urges Republicans to stop the bleeding and adopt a new message about economy. Biden said that mega-MAGA trickledown economics, which would raise prices and threaten the country’s credit rating, will be implemented by Republicans if they take control of Congress in November.

Senior White House officials spoke to reporters on Wednesday about the offensive. They stated that Republican threats to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act would increase healthcare costs and energy prices.

It’s not clear if this tactic will benefit Democrats.

Biden’s approval rating in jobs is still low, even when looking at economic terms. This presents a major challenge for the president who must convince voters that he is worthy of their support.

According to a CBS News poll, 42% believe that the economy is worsening. This is compared to 42% who believe that Democratic policies have caused the economy to decline and 42% who think Republican policies could help.

Biden hasn’t held a rally in over a year since Labor Day. Biden has not held a rally since before Labor Day.