Armed Employee Takes Down Robber at California Massage Parlor


A quick-thinking, armed civilian foiled another robbery. The incident occurred in Riverside, California at a massage salon.

He became an unanticipated hero when he used his gun to stop would-be robbers from targeting the E-Joy Foot and Body Massage establishment on a Wednesday night.

Riverside Police Department reports that the incident occurred shortly before 10 p.m. at E-Joy Foot And Body Massage.

Police said that the customer was fired after two men tried to break into the business and rob it. The shooter was initially thought to be an employee by the authorities.

Two robbers fled the scene, one of whom dropped his weapon. The injured suspect was found in the parking area of Northgate Market nearby, where police officers arrested him and took him to hospital. The other suspect was able to escape.

The description of the suspect at large was unavailable.

Officer Ryan Railsback of the Riverside Police Department asserted you have a “right to defend yourself”.

You have the right to defend yourself, just as you would if you were in your home or business.

Railsback said that it is important to always use your best judgment when you are a witness in situations like these.

We tell them: Don’t try it if it’s something you’re not confident about. It is best to be a neutral witness and to give the other person what they need. It’s up to you. Your confidence in handling the situation is what determines how you will respond.

It could have been much worse had one of the robbers escalated the situation. Riverside County has the highest crime rate in the nation.

Riverside, with a rate of 40 crimes per 1,000 residents, has the highest crime rate in America among all communities of any size – from the smallest villages to the largest cities. The chance of being a victim of violent crime or property crime is 1 in 25. In California, 93% of communities have lower crime rates than Riverside.

The officer’s remarks highlight the importance of owning and carrying firearms, as well as knowing when to use them or keep them holstered. Gun ownership is more than just buying the weapon. It’s also about understanding the responsibilities that come with it. Gun owners can protect themselves and others by being trained in the use of the weapon, situational awareness, etc.

In this instance, the armed citizen had the knowledge necessary to prevent thieves from stealing at gunpoint. It is obvious that in an area such as Riverside County, the right to bear arms is vital. California’s strict gun laws didn’t stop this individual from owning a weapon.