Armed Thug Picks Wrong Man to Rob on Chicago Train


A man armed tried to rob a Chicago passenger on Friday, but he chose the wrong victim. He was actually a concealed carrier who pulled out a gun and shot him.

According to authorities, the suspect was 33 years old and attempted to rob a 25-year-old man on a Chicago Transit Authority Green Line train close to Laramie Station at 5 p.m.

The victim, who has a concealed carry permit and a Firearms Owner’s ID Card, pulled out his gun and shot him, according to the station.

WMAQ reported in its broadcast that the suspect also fired his gun and that the victim, who was not hurt, shot the suspect in the leg.

Two felonies were committed by Darius Moss, including armed robbery using a firearm and being an armed habitual criminal. According to the station, police also cited Moss. Moss was admitted to the hospital in fair condition, WMAQ said.

According to the station, Moss was scheduled to appear at Central Bond Court Monday.

According to CWB Chicago Moss was not the first person charged with a crime Friday.

According to CWB, he was charged in 2021 with misdemeanor theft after Dunkin’ employees called the police at 3:20 a.m. on August 16 reporting that someone had stolen the cash register of the donut shop. According to the outlet, officers reviewed surveillance cameras in the area and saw a man walk into the station at Jackson Blue Line with a cash register.

According to CWB, officers found Moss on the train while he was registering the register. They arrested him.

The outlet was further distorted by the fact that Moss was currently on parole for robbery. CWB reported that Judge Arthur Willis, prior to Moss being released on a recognizance bail, told Moss that he was happy that he wasn’t charged with anything more than theft.

According to the outlet, Moss was also arrested for threatening to shoot TJ Maxx security guards who tried to stop him from stealing $111 worth of merchandise on Aug. 19.

Police were informed by the guard that Moss had repeatedly said to him: “I have a nine-millimeter — What are you going to do?” CWB stated.

According to the outlet, Moss was stopped by cops at 300 Block of South Plymouth Court because he recognized his facial tattoos. The guard then identified Moss and officers discovered that Moss had TJ Maxx merchandise inside.

Judge Michael Clancy gave Moss $50,000 bail. This meant that he could be released from custody before his trial began by posting a $5,000 deposit security, CWB stated.

According to the outlet, Moss was also charged with soliciting charitable donations without a license two months before TJ Maxx’s incident. He allegedly approached people with flyers asking for donations for a “basketball” team.