Democrat Katherine Clark’s Son Sprung From Jail After Assaulting Boston Cop


The “nonbinary” son is the No. 2 Democrat in Congress and has pleaded guilty to several charges related to his involvement in violent anti-police extremism.

Jared Dowell, 23, son of House Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (D-Mass.), was arrested on Jan. 21 and charged with assault and battery on a Boston police officer inflicting serious bodily injury, vandalizing a historic monument, damaging property by tagging, and resisting arrest.

He was taken to Boston Municipal Court for arraignment and released with a $500 bond.

After Dowell made his not-guilty plea he ran out of court with his lawyers. He refused to comment on anything except his preferred name or pronouns which the court didn’t bother using, according to the Boston Globe.

We reported previously that Boston police responded to a disturbance at Parkman Bandstand Monument on the Boston Common Saturday night. There, they allegedly found Democratic Whip Katherine Clark’s son vandalizing it.

Dowell allegedly wrote “NO COPS CITY” and then “ACAB” on the monument. The latter stands for “all cops, are bastards.”

The monument was built in 1908 and also had the “R.I.P.” tag. Tortuguita refers to Manuel Teran, a leftist militant who killed a Georgia State Patrol trooper in the stomach last week.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, officers gave verbal commands and the shooter was trespassing in the area of the new DeKalb County police training center, which is located in the South River Forest. Teran fired multiple shots at officers, apparently without warning.

We reported previously that officers responded with a chorus of firing guns, killing the leftist gunman.

The leftist website “Scenes from Atlanta Forest”, where local leftists often coordinate and celebrate attacks, published a demand for retaliation in response to the death of the gunman.

The post stated that this was a call to reciprocal violence against the police and their allies. “You are welcome to join us in a night rage to remember our fallen comrades wherever you are.”

It was reported that Dowell was with about 20 leftist thugs while he was in Boston.

However, police were ready to respond as they had been alerted “for the possibility” of an anti-law enforcement protest linked to the violence in Georgia.

The son of the Democratic whip was arrested by officers who tried to restore order. However, other leftists were reported to have swarmed the officers and attempted to disrupt Dowell’s arrest.

Howie Carr, a Conservative radio talk-show host, obtained a copy of Dowell’s offense record. It indicated that Dowell was approached by police officers who ordered him to stop. One officer, a former Marine, approached Dowell and tried to flee, violently flailing his arms and striking the Officer.

According to the report, “Officer Roca was observed… to have bleeding from his nose & mouth after the initial struggle against Dowell.”

Other officers were able, despite Dowell’s alleged assault on the officer and a brief struggle, to place Dowell under arrest.

Clark’s son will be back in court on April 19th for a pretrial hearing.

Clark tweeted about her son’s arrest. She previously said that House Republicans were “extremists”. This is a difficult time in the cycle between the joy and pain of parenting. Riley is my best friend.