Arnold Schwarzenegger: America’s Future Is A ‘Generation of Wimps’


Arnold Schwarzenegger believes that future generations in America are too protected.

Former California Governor warned that over-indulging young people could lead to “creating wimps and weak individuals” in this country.

“You cannot strengthen your character or become a strong person inside until you are willing to fail, get back up, and work hard,” Schwarzenegger said, aged 76, on “The Howard Stern Show.”

The author of “Be Useful”, emphasized that the harder someone “struggles”, the more likely they are to succeed. Schwarzenegger, however, suggested that society was too sensitive towards young people. They are made to feel safe and protected from their insecurities.

“Anyone who tries to pamper and baby themselves. . . it’s over. “You’re never going get there,” Stern told him.

Schwarzenegger said that the younger generation will grow and become “tougher” once they learn to “accept pain and misery.”

He then went on to compare first-generation Americans and their achievements with other generations. “Is it because people slept in?” Are they people who were wimpy? “Oh, I just want to feel comfortable. “Oh, I just want to feel comfortable.

“This is the place where brave women and men who went out at 5 am and struggled to get up and rise, did it. . . They fought. . . He continued: “They worked their butts out.” This is what makes this country great. Let’s keep going in this direction.

The “FUBAR’ star said that being considerate is “nice”, but he warned not to “over baby” the children.

“Let’s go and teach kids to be tough . . . go out and do sports . . . to struggle . . . and go through these kinds of painful moments sometimes.”

Joseph Baena is one of Schwarzenegger’s sons who has followed in his father’s footsteps. He’s shown this through his fitness.

Baena celebrated his 26th Birthday by participating in the Malibu Triathlon. He looked just like his father when he was bodybuilding.

In 1997, Schwarzenegger fathered Baena with the family’s longtime housekeeper, Mildred Baena.

Schwarzenegger and television journalist Maria Shriver had four children together: Katherine, Christina, Christopher, and Patrick.

Schwarzenegger spoke recently about his ex-wife, Shriver, as well as the current status of their marriage.

Schwarzenegger, when asked if he and Shriver have entered a new phase in their relationship after becoming grandparents to the two children of their daughter Katherine, said that he had “never” left the first chapter.

It’s not as if we were in a fight. We did not fight. It’s only my f—-up, right?” In an interview with People magazine, he explained why his marriage ended.