Iran Denies Involvement in Hamas’ Anti-Israel Campaign as Narrative Collapses


In a shocking move, the Iranian government has denied any role in Hamas’s invasion of Israel. The Iranian mission to the United Nations pushed back on a report in the Wall Street Journal that Iran was in control of the planning and timing for the invasion saying, “The determined steps of the Palestinians constitute a completely legitimate defense against seven decades of occupation and terrible crimes by the illegitimate Zionist regime. We support Palestine without reservation. However, we are not involved in the Palestinian response, which was carried out only by Palestine itself.”

The statement continued by saying that the decision “to attack was taken only by Palestine itself ….They (Israel) are trying to justify their failure, and attribute it to Iran’s intelligence power and operation planning.”

This is an indication that the invasion is not going as planned.

I don’t think sane individuals can believe that Iran was not behind the horrific attack on Israel at the weekend. Hamas is, like Hezbollah an Iranian puppet group that gives Iran power as well as a degree of plausible denial. Iran supplies Hamas weapons, money, and training — regardless of what Joe Biden, his enablers, and fluffers claim.

Hamas has been deeply infiltrated by Israeli security services. The only explanation for the tactical, strategic, and operational surprise that Hamas achieved is the fact that the attack took place in Iran in a safe environment, with the fighters only being alerted at the last moment. You’ll be surprised to hear that some people claim this was a false flag attack by the Israeli Government, similar to 9/11, and that Israel knew about the attack and did nothing.

I believe that the images coming from Israel are crushing Hamas. Iran was counting on their ability to control the narrative as they have always done. Western media will not show Hamas’ atrocities committed in Israel – because of “journalism”, or other such bullsh** – but Hamas, and its sympathetic press, could be trusted to show graphic images of civilians who were killed by Israel’s reprisal strikes.

First, videos of Israelis being slaughtered, of mass murder at a “peace festival” with many foreigners, and of IDF soldiers being beheaded by Hamas have shown the world what Israel is up against. The horrific images forced Germany and Austria to stop funding Hamas.

Iran does not want to be left behind when the narrative of the brave Hamas fighters fighting fascist Israel goes up in flames. It’s clear that Hamas and Hezbollah leaders are looking at Iran because they know this is going to be a disaster.