Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Biden, Harris — and the Charges Are Right on the Money


In their effort to remove former President Donald Trump, Democrats are willing to put everything on the line and throw all rules out the window.

Republicans are hesitant to even use the legal tools to pursue Democrats who do not follow the rules and laws. This is one of the most irritating things for the Republican base. It seems that there are no consequences for Democratic bad behaviour. People will continue to behave badly as long as they can get away with it.

I previously reported that Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA, explained that audio tapes were made of conversations between the Burisma executive and Hunter and Joe Biden regarding the “bribery plan” the Burisma Executive kept as “insurance.” This may be a smoking weapon, and it raises more questions about Joe Biden’s actions in Ukraine, such as the channeling of billions into the country.

Things are heating up.

Andy Ogles, R-TN, has filed articles for impeachment of both Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. The reason for this is the “weaponization”, not only for what Biden, Harris and their administrations have done since coming into office, but for the actions Biden took as vice president, to “shield his family’s business and influence peddling scheme from congressional oversight, and public accountability.”

In the first article, Biden is accused of failing to comply with “congressional demands for information and documents” and violating his personal commitment to transparency.

The articles claim that Biden’s actions were against “public trust”, and that he was “subversive to constitutional government, to the great detriment of law and justice, and to the manifest harm of the United States people.”

The second article alleged that Biden had failed to adequately defend the United States due to the disaster at border, “in violation his constitutional duty to ensure that laws are faithfully implemented,” directly facilitated the continuing southern border crisis and threatened the people of the United States. It laid out some facts to support this charge.

The articles against Harris are aimed at her handling of border disasters, claiming “extraordinary incompetence” in her execution of duties and responsibilities, and “an indifference towards Americans suffering due to America’s ongoing Southern Border Crisis.” Ogles claimed that she allowed an invasion of land to continue unchecked, and thus “directly betrayed public trust in the United States to the manifest harm of Americans.”

Ogles stated that Congress must take action to ensure Biden is held accountable.

Ogles focused primarily on the weaponization issue, which is the most dangerous. They could also at some point address the Biden classified document scandal, and how he had documents dating back to 1974. It is difficult to see how Biden can justify this, since senators have to view the material in a secure compartmented facility (SCIF), and cannot remove it.

Ogles has brought these articles forward, but all GOP members should sign on. Biden and Harris must face the consequences of their actions, and the weaponization their office. Even if the Senate stops it. They all need to say enough is enough, and hold the president accountable.