DeSantis Unveils Presidential Strategy to Address the ‘Deep State’


Ron DeSantis, the Republican presidential candidate, and Florida governor, has unveiled his plan to dismantle the executive branch if he is elected in 2024. DeSantis discussed a “Day One strategy” with advisers and strategists. He aims for a “disciplined”, “relentless,” operation to limit the power of the executive branch, aligning it with the “Founding Fathers’ vision.”

His plan targets the justice system which conservatives believe has been weaponized, especially in light of the federal indictment against former President Donald Trump who is the current frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination. Senior outside advisors believe that the DOJ and FBI should be returned to a “pre-9/11 mission” with fewer resources.

DeSantis, on the campaign trail, referred to the Trump indictment and the impact it has had on the lives of everyday Americans. He told a Greensboro audience, in North Carolina:

Is there a difference in standard between a Democrat secretary of state and a former Republican President? There should be a single standard of justice for all citizens. We should enforce the same rules on everyone. It’s not possible for one group to use the state’s power against another. Here’s the thing… There are obviously high-profile cases.

DeSantis continued to give examples of how the government is weaponizing itself against Americans, such as pro-life activists and parents attending meetings of school boards.

This is not just an issue for the people at the top. It affects people throughout our entire country.

DeSantis stated in private conversations that he was determined to stop the power from being geographically centralized in the District of Columbia.

We will not allow all of this power to accumulate in Washington.

DeSantis revealed that he plans to move parts of the Department of Justice to other regions of the United States, in order to bring the agency closer to the vision of its founding fathers. DeSantis reportedly said in the private conversation that he would order that “some of DOJ’s problematic components” be reorganized, and then “shipped to different parts of the nation.”

DeSantis criticized the DOJ, and FBI and accused them of targeting prolife activists, and parents at school board meetings and colluding to censor information. He specifically mentioned the handling of the 2020 elections. DeSantis stated that he will:

The FBI and DOJ have been utterly adrift in their nonsense about so-called misinformation.

DeSantis, according to reports, has been working on a plan for several months. He collaborated with Congressmen like Representatives Thomas Massie, and Chip Roy and organizations such as the Heritage Foundation and Hoover Institution. In order to eliminate what he calls the “deep state,” DeSantis will act quickly through the executive branch in place of congressional approval. DeSantis believes that, unlike some federal positions such as FBI Director or Attorney General DeSantis is not immune to having his employment terminated by President.

DeSantis’ campaign has recently criticized former President Donald Trump for his past association with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci is a figure that conservatives dislike. DeSantis said he would have removed Fauci’s position. Trump and DeSantis debated in public earlier this month who was better able to dismantle “the deep state”. Trump boasted in Iowa that he would be able to reshape the federal government within 6 months. DeSantis asked Trump in New Hampshire why he hadn’t accomplished this during his four-year tenure.

DeSantis added:

If you are a lame-duck president, bureaucrats wait for you.

DeSantis said he would not tolerate leaks during Trump’s tenure, which became a major issue.

We’ll fire them if they leak.

DeSantis said that during his four years as Governor of Florida, his administration had no leaks.

DeSantis wants to get rid of “the intelligence class and national security” who are often paid as cable news contributors when they leave public service. DeSantis already has a list of security clearances that need to be revoked. This includes the former senior intelligence officials, who in a letter signed before the 2020 elections claimed that the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign.

As Governor DeSantis continues to run his presidential campaign, his plans to reshape and “re-constitutionalize” the executive branch are timely as Americans watch the DOJ’s indictment and continued investigations against his GOP primary rival, former President Trump.