As Chicago Crime Wave Soars, Police Advise Business Owners to Install Bulletproof Glass


Does the headline above sound like it could be a satire from The Babylon Bee? It should. Chicago Police Department advises business owners to install bulletproof windows to protect themselves as Chicago’s violent crimes wave continues without end. It’s both comforting and absurd.

It’s not a parody, it is the truth:

Fox Business reported that the Chicago Police Department (CPD), in order to protect their business and themselves from armed robbery or worse, is advising businesses in Wicker Park and Humbolt Park – both located on Chicago’s West Side – to install ArmorPlast, an “invisible, shatterproof shield” produced by Riot Glass.

Both the outgoing mayor Lori Lightfoot and the incoming mayor Brandon Johnson were not available to comment.

Fox Business reports that CPD’s recommendation follows a series of burglaries where thieves break into businesses through glass side or front windows with rocks, bricks or a crowbar. They then steal liquor, money and other valuables. It’s refreshing to see that burglars do not just walk into businesses and shoot out the windows. They also don’t simply have their way with the business, before walking out. [sarc]

Brad Campbell, the founder of ArmorPlast, told CBS News that he believes ArmorPlast can keep out thieves.

The product is designed to keep bad guys out of the building.

Why do I believe that the bad guys will use other tactics, possibly more violent ones, to achieve their goals if enough of the prime targets in the region install the product?

Fox Business has more to offer.

Chicago Police Department data shows that the number of burglaries is on track to hit 2,253 in this year. This would be a 6% rise over 2022.

Some employees have reported being targeted by multiple burglaries over the past few months.

Tamer Jaradat shared with us that he was “hit multiple time” by a local employee.

“Usually, people are afraid of their own lives as well.” Tamer Jaradat is an employee of Western Food & Grocery and told CBS News that he has seven children. “I’m willing to risk my life and my business to protect myself.”

Jaradat stated that the business had been robbed multiple times, including a recent instance in which thieves stole an entire ATM.

Jaradat stated, “Three month ago they broke in and stole the ATM machine.”

Jaradat stated that police response times have slowed down, causing employees to be left on their own in emergencies.

There it is — the last line.

Police departments in Chicago, as well as in virtually all other large Democrat cities in the United States, are forced to triage crime, weighing one crime against another, while keeping an eye on supply and demand. In practice, violent crimes lead to more violent crimes, and police officers can’t keep pace.

Even if police departments continue to recommend “Band-Aids for windows”, crime rates in America will continue rising until Democrat politicians remove revolving jail doors and stop sending repeat criminals back out to the streets. This observation is not racist or heavy-handed. It is simply the truth.