Biden’s Delusions About Himself and Hunter Are on Full Display During MSNBC Interview


On Friday, we reported that Joe Biden had said “I am doing a big press conference today, so I love all of you, but I would like to ask you to go.” But he meant the exact opposite. CNN’s John King pointed out that this was “news” to us, because there had been no major press conference. He’s avoided any real press conference. We have only seen one thing that pretends to even be a real press conference, and that was when he held a joint presser along with the South Korean President. He answered a few question but got caught answering a question before time.

Biden may have meant that he would be doing an interview for MSNBC. It’s hard to believe that a fluffball interview on MSNBC could be considered a major press conference, but it’s Joe Biden.

The delusion of Biden was evident during his interview with Stephanie Ruhle, host of “The 11th Hour.” Ruhle asked him why Americans would think an 82 year old was qualified for “the most important job in the entire world”. Biden’s answer was laughable.

Biden said, “Because I have a great deal of wisdom.” He claimed to know “more than most people, and I have more experience than anyone else who has ever run for office.” I believe I have proven to be both honorable and effective.

Joe Biden doesn’t understand basic economics. The hot dog vendor in the street does. Imagine that this guy, whose reputation has been for decades to be the least sharp tool in the cabinet, gets into the office. He then shows just how bad he is. He then brags, despite all his failures, about how smart he is. That’s’ Joe. He has “experience”, but he’s wrong about virtually everything over the past decades. Honorable and effective? He lies more often than any other official I’ve seen. He’s effective, but only if he tries to be the worst and does everything he can to harm this country.

He could not even answer a question coherently without using some strange analogy or having a mental malfunction.

Why then are people giving him low approval ratings, if he is such a wonderful guy? Biden says that Americans are deluded by the “negative media”, that is, that media that spins and helps him.

Donald Trump is surrounded by “negative media.” He has stenographers that are in his pocket.

Biden says that everyone who has won a reelection in the same office had polling numbers similar to his. That’s not the case. Also, no one led the country to a crushing inflation which has been hurting Americans for the past three years. Not to mention the way he has embarrassed us in the world, and threatened our national security with his failures at the border.

He deserves to have bad numbers, because he has surpassed Jimmy Carter in the list of the worst presidents.

How far is he going? Very far.

Ruhle said, “You speak about fighting for America’s soul, but…hate crime is on the rise, random gun violence, women under attack—-”

Biden’s assistant tried to stop him from answering. He answered the question anyway, saying “We can’t allow Obama” to be president again. Then he couldn’t even say the name the man who was the president before him.

Biden was also asked what impact the investigation of his son Hunter might have on his reelection campaign.

Biden said, “My son has done nothing wrong.” “I have faith in him and I trust him. It impacts my presidency because it makes me proud of him.” Biden thinks that if he keeps lying, people will believe him. Joe Biden is not a good person if he is proud of all the things that have been revealed about him. This could also come back to haunt Joe Biden as more information is revealed.