As Shoplifters Plague the US, a Mystery Hero Woman in Portland Plagues the Shoplifters


You’re likely to have seen many videos on social media of shoplifters walking around in open parks. Many of these videos show people walking calmly out and putting their items in a bag.

Rarely do you ever see shoplifters stop or try to stop.

One mystery woman from Portland, however, has quickly earned a reputation for being a shoplifter’s worst nightmare. It’s not clear what her name is, nor what she worked at. However, her TikTok handle goes under “bworrrd”, but lists her name in “B Word.”

Although her TikTok only has three videos, each one has passed one million views. Her first video, which had 8.7 million, has the most views. Each video shows the heroine woman stopping shoplifting and directing women to return their stolen goods, sometimes even forcefully, if necessary.

First video: A pink-haired woman is confronted after she stuffs her canvas bag with stolen items. Although she initially agrees to return the items, it becomes clear that she intends on walking out with the majority of the items. “B Word” doesn’t like it and grabs the bag. During the fight, a woman threatened to call the police on “B Word”, to which she replied “call them right away.”

The interaction is instead filmed by the other woman. The bag is eventually thrown to the ground and tons of merchandise falls to the floor. You can see a pattern in the videos. People who steal seem to think they are the victims. Pink-haired women tried to blame “B Word” for stealing, claiming that she had been assaulted. But it was obvious that she wasn’t interested. The woman eventually walked away, and “B Word”, who was pink-haired, tried to guilt her with assault claims, but it was clear she wasn’t moved.

Another video shows a woman trying to move about with a bag containing stolen goods and some other items. B Word stops the woman at exit and informs her that everything is on camera. After the woman comes back in, and places the items down, “B Word” orders the woman to open her bag so she can take what she has stolen. The second video shows the same events as the first. After initially refusing, the woman attempts to leave but is stopped by a brief struggle and her bag is eventually thrown. The woman is now ready to go, but she also plays the role of the victim. “B Word” reminds her she’s the one who stole the bag.

Video clips containing text shed light onto this Portland hero. She worked as a loss prevention worker for the store for eight years. Although she no longer works in the store, she claims that she was not fired. She claimed that everything she did was legal. The third and final video she uploaded demonstrates this.

These are the employees that shops need to stop shoplifters. Although shoplifters are not always middle-class women, there is a simple solution through the “B Word” videos. A large, intimidating, physically strong person should be hired to watch out for shoplifters. People will eventually realize that it is bad to shoplift in that store.

Shoplifting is a growing problem in our society. KGW-TV reports that a Portland high-end private store has closed its doors after thieves stole expensive bags from the brand name. This resulted in a loss of $56,000. Walgreens and CVS have closed down stores in blue cities such as San Francisco because of rampant shoplifting. Walmart has closed its Portland stores due to the problem.

It must be stopped. But first, people like “B Word”, who can give them the space to do so.