Baby, Kidnapped in December, Dies Weeks After He and His Twin Brother Were Rescued


The family confirmed that one of the twin brothers, who was rescued from an Ohio kidnapping, has died.

Kyair and Kason Thomas rode along with their mother Wilhelmina Barnett on December 19. They were going to Columbus, Ohio, to pick up a DoorDash delivery from a pizza shop. Barnett drove inside and left the boys behind in the car. According to reports, Nalah Jackson, 24, was present in the restaurant at that time and then ran out of it. She allegedly stole Barnett’s car with the boys inside.

Kyair was discovered abandoned at Dayton Airport just hours later. Kason wasn’t found for three days. Barnett’s vehicle was discovered by Indianapolis cops while they were having lunch at a restaurant. Jackson was quickly arrested and charged with two counts each of kidnapping and Kason was found still in the vehicle.

The family called the rescue “a miracle” at the time. LaFonda Thomas (grandmother of the boys) said, “It’s going be the most wonderful Christmas ever.”

Unfortunately, this miracle turned into tragedy. Family members claim that Kyair started choking while Barnett was giving the boys milk on Saturday evening. Barnett dialed 911 and started doing chest compressions. Quickly, first responders arrived at Barnett’s Columbus home and began to perform chest compressions.

He was declared dead just before midnight.

Officials have yet to confirm the circumstances of the incident nor release a cause for death. Little Kyair was only six months old.

The sudden twist of events has left the family confused and heartbroken.

Wilma Booker, Barnett’s aunt, said that she was devastated. She added that her niece is currently struggling, especially considering how many people blamed her for the kidnapping of her sons.

Booker stated, “I want people to know that [Barnett]’s a really great mom.” She loves her children. “I don’t want people to make the same mistake as last time”.

Booker said, “She’s doing really badly right now.”

Jackson, the suspect who allegedly kidnapped Barnett’s boys, has had several run-ins with the law. In addition to the kidnapping charges she currently faces, she has been arrested for child endangerment in connection to an unrelated incident. She also allegedly once stole a car, crashed it, stole another car, and crashed that one. Jackson also just pled guilty to battery by bodily waste after she spits on a deputy in Marion County, Indiana, last month. Her ex-boyfriend, Dominic Davies, reportedly has full custody of the two daughters he shares with Jackson because of her repeated drug use and history of mental illness.