Woke NBA Star Steph Curry Wants to Block Low-Income Housing in His Neighborhood


While I’m not thrilled to be writing about Steph Curry (Golden State Warriors basketball player), I did enjoy the ride. However, I was sad to see the team refusing to visit the White House to celebrate the victory. Because Donald Trump was president.

The country erupted in flames after George Floyd’s passing. The NBA was a social justice advocacy organization and a sports league.

Curry, as it is so often, says that “woke is not for me”, and is now against low-income housing in Atherton (California), where he resides. This is the most expensive property in the country. Steph and Ayesha sent this letter to local officials.

You can find the complete letter here:

One line in the letter is striking me:

We respectfully ask that the Town adopts the new Housing Element without 23 Oakwood.

He’s not saying that the Housing Element (a zoning plan to increase housing availability, also known as increase density) is bad for non-urban families. He is just saying that it’s okay as long as it doesn’t apply to him.

This is an extremely hypocritical position for the Biden-supporting avowed supporters who brought his family along to endorse Joe at 2020 Democratic National Convention. ”

Not in her backyard.

Curry insists that if Curry fails to prevent low-income housing, the town should pay for him to be stopped.

In 2021, Curry signed a $415 million contract with the Warriors. Curry is expected to earn $48 this season and lucrative endorsement deals.

Curry is correct to say that he doesn’t want high-income apartments with low density built right next to his house. Curry is right to want privacy and safety. Steph doesn’t seem to care about this.