Barr Exposes Raskin’s Deception in Biden Bribery Investigation


After the FBI briefed members of the oversight committee on the allegations, the House investigation in an alleged bribery scandal involving Joe Biden (then vice president) intensified on Monday. Rep. James Comer said that the FD-1023 was shown to them, which contains testimony from a confidential “highly credible” informant. Comer shared that this document is being used as part of an “ongoing investigative process.”

The FBI, for its part, has refused to turn over the document. Hearings will be held on Thursday to determine whether FBI Director Christopher Wray is in contempt of Congress because he ignored the subpoena.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the Democrat’s response to Comer, took the podium and said that the investigation into the FD-1023 was “terminated” by former AG Bill Barr as it lacked grounds (The Federalist).

Raskin said, “What I found out was that Attorney General Barr appointed Scott Brady, the U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania to lead a team of prosecutors to investigate all allegations related to Ukraine.”

Raskin said that Brady’s team investigated the FD-1023 after Rudy Giuliani made these allegations. “In August, they determined there were no grounds for escalating from an initial assessment into a preliminary inquiry,” so “they ended the investigation.”

It was obvious that there was a contradiction. How could an investigation be closed if the FBI, according to Comer, said that it was still in progress? Who was telling the truth?

The answer was quick. Barr has now spoken out and confirmed Raskin’s lies. He is not only misleading people by saying that Scott Brady and Barr would shut down the investigation but he also said there were enough grounds to give it to the Delaware prosecutor (where the jurisdiction would be).

It’s not accurate. William Barr responded to Democrat Rep. Jamie Raskin on Tuesday by saying that it was not closed. Barr said that the case was “sent to Delaware for further investigations.”

Raskin’s false statements (including those he repeated in a press release a few days later) are unclear. It is also not clear if Raskin made them up. It is evident that Raskin’s tactics are similar to those of Rep. Adam Schiff. The California congressman was famous for lying about the Russian Collusion Investigation.

Raskin also repeated another lie during his press conference. He claimed that the FD-1023 had something to do with Rudy Guiliani’s claims. Sources told The Federalist this is not true. The allegation of Biden’s bribery is totally unrelated, and it was not made by Donald Trump’s acolyte.

It is still unfortunate that Barr has handed the investigation over to the US Attorney’s office in Delaware. This is the same office that has been unable to prosecute Hunter Biden. House Republicans will have to continue to push on these issues. This includes exposing whether Biden took $5 million in bribes to influence politics. Under the current administration, DOJ will not offer any assistance.