Startling Undercover Investigation Exposes Alarming Ease of Transgender Surgery Approvals


Transgenders have turned the healthcare system of our country into a genital mutilation assembly line. The Daily Wire’s undercover investigation has made this shocking truth abundantly clear.

According to an investigation, prominent transgender healthcare providers in the United States have approved “sex changes” that can change a person’s life. Some of them even falsify information about their health to get insurance coverage. Matt Walsh, of The Daily Wire, shared his findings through a series of tweets.

Walsh and his team revealed how easy it is to get approval for sex change surgery during the undercover investigation. Gregg Re (Walsh’s producer) received approval for orchiectomy, a testicle-removal procedure, after only 22 minutes of virtual consultation with Plume, the largest transgender healthcare provider in the United States.

He was able to secure a video chat appointment with Plume using a false name on the intake sheet. Re admitted during the call that he hadn’t experienced gender dysphoria in six months, as is required by law. Re also mispronounced the desired surgery’s name and expressed doubt about the potential effects it could have on him. Plume’s Nurse Practitioner, however, stated that she would write the strongest possible letter to justify Re’s surgery.

Three days later Plume (posing under the name “Chelsea Bussey”) sent Re a letter falsely claiming Re suffered from significant and ongoing gender dysphoria despite Re’s explicit denial. The letter advised Re to have his testicles removed. Walsh reported that Plume acknowledged via text message the letters of recommendation are generated based on a template provided by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Plume, shockingly, charges $150 to sell these letters of recommendation for individuals who are seeking transgender surgery.

Walsh says that another well-known transgender service, Folx also approves sex change procedures for patients who have not been diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”. Folx even admits openly that patients can receive a letter informing them of a gender dysphoria diagnosis, even if it is not true.

Walsh was concerned that medical insurance companies might not be aware of the fact that corrupt transgender providers are issuing letters of recommendation based on false information. Walsh believes his investigation has revealed yet another secret in the “corrupt” and “fraudulent” transgender industry.

Walsh stated that “[trans activists] are furious because they know from the very beginning the ‘gender-transition’ industry is corrupted and fraudulent.” “Protecting children is only one part of the puzzle.” It’s a good place to start, but the fight doesn’t stop there. “The whole industry must be shut down.”