Beverly Hills Police Drone Captures Burglary Suspect’s Pool Plunge


Beverly Hills Police shares drone footage on social media after arresting a suspect

The California burglar slips and falls off the ladder into the pool.

Slip and fall captured by Beverly Hills police drone. (Credit to Beverly Hills Police Department Instagram).

It is not uncommon to associate the 90210 zip code with a popular television series that ran in the 1990s. The zip code is also where an alleged burglar fell from a ladder and into a swimming pool.

The Beverly Hills Police Department shared footage from the incident on Jan. 6, with the caption “Burglar captured in 4K.” Best comments get pinned.”

The video shows a man climbing out of the window of a house before he is seen on a ladder that appears to be over a garage. The suspect is seen clutching the ladder to his life as it slips. He then loses his footing and falls into the pool.

Social media users have responded enthusiastically to the post.

The burglary is captured on camera as it occurs. (@bhpd_90210/Instagram)

“That Malibu earthquake must have been hard!” One of the comments is “That Malibu quake must have hit hard!”

Another Instagram user responded to the video by writing, “The guy operating the drone must have been holding back a laugh.”

Burglar on the ladder. Police identified the man as David Verdun, 36, who was seen on a ladder. (@bhpd_90210/Instagram)

BHPD reported that the incident occurred around noon on the 300 block of South Palm Drive. Officers responded to an ongoing burglary.

An email sent to us said, “The homeowner was not at home, but they were able to observe the suspect by monitoring their interior surveillance cameras.”

The burglar falls from the ladder. Police drones capture an alleged burglar, who fell into a swimming pool after falling from a ladder in Beverly Hills on January 6, 2024. (@bhpd_90210/Instagram)

The Real-Time Watch Center pilot gave officers additional information once they arrived on the scene.

Police arrested David Verdun, 36, of Inglewood for burglary.