Egypt’s Border Wall Outshines Biden’s Security Strategy


What are the Israeli Defense Forces supposed to do about a million Palestinian refugees, as they wipe the Gaza Strip north to south with their well-armed operations to eliminate every Hamas member?

It’s a miracle that the Global Professional Outrage Machine and the mainstream media have ignored this answer.

El-Sisi said: “Do whatever you want to the Palestinians and Israel, but they won’t be coming to Egypt (or Mexico, perhaps).”

It’s easier to just show you in practice how Egypt protects the border with Gaza.

This is what the Egyptian border wall from Gaza near Rafah looks like. Concrete barriers are in front of a wall that appears to be steel — I’d guess 30 feet high — with three layers of concertina wire. It looks like someone took an obstacle from World War I and flipped it on its side.

According to Aviva Klompas who posted the video, “Egypt does not want any Palestinian refugees.”

It may seem odd at first since Gaza was part of Egypt for over 20 years. Even more bizarre is the fact that Egypt could have had Gaza (alongside the Sinai Peninsula) back in 1979, as part of its peace treaty with Israel.

Anwar Sadat, the then-Egyptian president, told Israeli PM Menachem Bein: “Nah. We’re good.” You keep Gaza.” Sadat chose to leave a few hundred thousand fellow Arabs at the mercy of the Zionist colonial occupiers because it was the best option for Egypt.

Before Israel’s founding in 1947, Jewish settlers of the British Palestine Mandate, and pre-WWI Ottoman Turkey’s South Syira Province, called themselves Palestinians. Local Arabs consisted mainly of Syrians and some Egyptians. The term “Palestinian”, which was used by Arab refugees from the Israeli War for Independence, didn’t become popular until the 1960s. This was due to the Soviet funding of Yassar Arafat and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Despite my general agreement with them on Middle East matters, some people insist that a Palestinian still does not exist. However, I respectfully disagree.

The Palestinian identity is a result of generations spent as refugees in unprecedented numbers, combined with the horrors typical of occupation, and the lavish funding given to terrorist leaders.

This is a unique toxic substance.

Jordan’s King Hussein gave refuge to Palestinians and they repaid him with two attempted assassinations. Jordan, like Egypt and Gaza, held the West Bank of Palestine for 20 years. However, it has refused to return it. In Lebanon, Palestinians were immediately welcomed and tried to topple the government.

Left to govern themselves since 2005 in Gaza, the “refugees” selected Hamas for their government with the usual one-man/one-vote/one-time method so popular with murderous autocrats and the angry masses who adore them. They are now receiving the destruction that they attempted to bring upon Israel. Perhaps not even God can imagine what might happen if significant numbers fled into Egypt.

This is why Egypt has built a wall. Today, you may have also learned the reason why the Global Professional Outrage Machine and the press don’t want to tell you the truth.