Biden Administration Sparks Controversy Opposing Citizenship Proof for Voting


It is not rational to allow voters to vote without proof of their identity or citizenship. The majority of countries on earth require voter identification. It is a simple way to ensure election integrity, and it’s hard to believe that anyone would be against it.

That’s exactly what’s going on! The Biden administration released a press release opposing the SAVE Act which would have required voters to show proof of citizenship before voting. We can assume that this would be a government-issued identification. However, some states give these to illegal aliens so, in those jurisdictions, a passport may be required. This is basic election security, and I can’t imagine why the Biden administration would object to it.

It won’t be harder to vote for those who are eligible, but it will be easier to vote for those who are not. The Biden administration supports this.

Is it a feature or a bug?

You have to ask yourself what their real goals are. What are their real goals?

Biden’s administration has left the border wide open; 11 million people and possibly more are living in the United States without permission.

The Biden administration has consistently opposed attempts to ensure the integrity of elections, including identification verification.

One can only conclude that the Biden Administration is intentionally favoring the immigration of people who they believe will vote Democrat and that they are attempting to ensure that they will have difficulty voting illegally if they do so.

The opposition to voter identification laws has been discussed innumerable times. Democrats claim that voter ID laws will prevent “underprivileged” groups from voting because they cannot obtain government-issued IDs. This is not only cruel to the people concerned, but it also makes no sense. In our modern society, one cannot function without an ID. One cannot rent or buy an apartment, or a house without an ID. They also can’t set up basic utilities in the apartment or house.

The Biden administration, along with the Democrats in Congress, opposes not only voter ID laws but also a law that ensures that only citizens can vote.

Consider their position and the likely outcomes: A decrease in election integrity, an increase in illegal voting, and possibly elections that were decided by the illegal votes. When you look at their opposition to laws like the SAVE Act or voter ID laws, it becomes shockingly obvious why they do so. They do not want clean and fair elections; they want integrity in the election. They want the exact opposite.