Rifts in Democratic Ranks? NC Governor’s Surprising Statement Before Jill Biden’s Visit


The most interesting reports are the ones that were taken by the reporters who attended the meeting hastily arranged between Biden and the Democrat Governors.

We noted that at the time leaked stories indicated that Biden had made a “joke”, saying that he was in good health, but his brain wasn’t. This made the governors uncomfortable, and it is understandable. Biden reportedly also said that he had to achieve a better balance between work and life, including getting more sleep, working fewer hours, or not attending events after 8 pm.

These comments were certainly not encouraging from the 81-year-old purported leader. In fact, since then some of these same governors have made it very clear that they are no longer “all in” on their decision to stick with Biden through the entire fallout.

We have documented the Massachusetts Governor. Maura Shealey released a statement on Friday reiterating that she supports Biden, but also urging him to “carefully assess” his future as party nominee. Hawaii Gov. Josh Green’s comments on Saturday sent a mixed signal. He said, “I believe the president stays in this election unless he believes that it is unwinnable or he must hear from other voices within his inner circle to tell him not to run.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s office may also be a possible break in this coalition. Roy Cooper’s office released a statement on Monday, informing him that he wouldn’t be attending a campaign stop by First Lady Jill Biden in Wilmington.

Cooper and Josh Stein, the NC Attorney General/Democrat gubernatorial candidate Josh Stein were present at Joe Biden’s cringe-worthy post-debate event in North Carolina in June. However, a lot has changed since then. This includes the embarrassing revelations regarding the two radio interviewees as well as how the Biden Campaign submitted questions to the hosts beforehand. In the past week, several House Democrats also called for Biden’s resignation.

Cooper may have had a conflict of schedule on Monday, which prevented him from showing his support for Joe Biden in a state he needs to win. But, as Matt Mercer, NC GOP comms Director, speculated: “It all starts with a clash of scheduling …”

Joe Biden’s nightmare debate performance confirmed what his critics had been saying all along. It’s no wonder that the rifts between the Democratic governors are growing. Even though I am not a big fan of Roy Cooper, I can understand why he would rather not be sitting next to the SS Biden at this moment.