Biden Admin’s War on Air Conditioning: Is This the End of Cold Air?


Your blood will boil when you hear the Biden administration announce its plans to reduce the use of HFCs, which are found in air conditioners and refrigerators, on some of the summer’s hottest days. According to climate propaganda, these were the most extreme hot days ever recorded in human history. This regime is a model of authoritarianism.

This rule won’t just make you sweat in the summer. The rule is in line with bipartisan American Innovation and Manufacturing Act goals to reduce production and consumption by 85 percent by 2036. This rule can prevent global warming of up to 0.5 degrees Celsius.

This is not a partisan issue. It is another example of Republican hacks in Washington’s Establishment failing the American People.

Joe Goffman is the Principal Deputy Assistant Director of the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation. He announced that this rulemaking is a vital next step for the Biden and Harris Administration’s ambitious plans to reduce super-pollutants and to ensure that the United States will lead the world in implementing the Kigali Amendment.

Goffman’s claim about America’s competitiveness in the global market is false. Climate change initiatives burden and weaken the American economy. China also benefits from them, as it doesn’t need to worry about global climate change. They are not held accountable to the same standards.

This Administration has achieved a win-win scenario for Climate Action, U.S. Manufacturing, and Competitiveness while also ensuring American Workers profit from the growing HFC market.

It won’t be easy for Americans to recall the prosperous and comfortable America of the past. They will be busy protecting their meager apartments, which are stiflingly warm, from thieves or robbers who Democrat politicians either have released from prison or never imprisoned.