How Bad Is Bud Light’s Death Star From Costco?


Two days ago I wrote that we are now in the fourth month of Bud Light’s boycott, and they could be in big trouble on top of all the other things the boycott has caused them. Some of their products sold at Costco have been given a “Death Star”.

The Death Star appears as an asterisk in the upper-right corner of the price signs.

Costco uses a code to indicate that the product won’t be restocked. We noted that it was not clear what the scope of the code was, which stores it applied to or if all Bud Light products were affected. It was found in several different stores and on many different Bud Light products. It’s not a good sign.

We now have some more information about this from our former colleague, who lives in Southern California. She tweeted: “They aren’t even selling Bud Light at my local Costco any longer.” “Don’t Know when it stopped,” Kira replied, “but I’ve noticed that it isn’t in stock anymore.”

You know that something is happening when even people in Southern California, not a stronghold of the political right, are condemning it.

There’s another factor that reveals just how bad things are for Bud Light.

According to Investopedia, there are 111 million Costco members that pay between $60-$120 a year in order to shop their discounted items. Believe it or not, the average US member is a 39-year-old Asian-American woman with a college education who earns over $125,000 per annum.

The press has portrayed these people as knuckle draggers and mouth-breathing morons. But they are not.

Costco is not only a place for the politically active, but also Main Street and Middle America. Costco only keeps in stock the products it believes it can sell. Costco won’t carry any product if it doesn’t believe it will sell. The bottom line is that Bud Light doesn’t sell. Costco may decide that it doesn’t make sense to continue to stock the product in the future if it isn’t generating the desired sales.

Joe Rogan’s and Ice Cube’s views are another indicator of just how far the issue has reached and how people are fed up. Rogan stated that “people are sick of it.” Cube also agreed with Rogan’s statement.

As Bud Light suffers, there are other options, such as the “Ultra Right” Beer, which my colleague Mike Miller discussed earlier Thursday. Other options are available. Why would you buy Bud Light if you have other options?