Biden Aided by Handlers and Staff as Confusion Strikes in Culver City


Joe Biden visited the Los Angeles region on Tuesday and Thursday as part of his campaign tour. Later, he will head to San Francisco.

Biden’s hypocrisy was immediately apparent when he arrived in Los Angeles. He had lectured everyone on climate change as the greatest ‘existential danger” of our times but then drove around in an over 30-car motorcade.

A reporter asked him if he needed a “strong State of the Union Address” to win his reelection. Biden seemed to be completely clueless and replied, “Pardon Me?”

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said, “He will win re-election regardless.”

The staff then pushed the reporters out of that room, so they could not ask Biden any other questions at that point.

Not a very good save. This look became the most popular meme.

Bass’ response is also funny. She adds “anyway”, as if she knows that Biden’s address will be a disaster. It’s a pretty good guess.

Bass addressed the Culver Library first, addressing the officials and setting the scene on the question of student debt. Biden did not have to speak.

Biden brought out a physician assistant who claimed that she had been forgiven more than $144,000.

He’s doing it despite the Supreme Court ruling and without authorization from Congress. It’s also a clear attempt to gain votes. The taxpayers are paying for this. This vote-buying scheme is a sham for those who did not go to college or have paid off their student loans.

Biden only had to read the teleprompter, but he appeared completely devoid of energy.

He said that the debt forgiveness program was also “to help those who do not go to college.”

No, that’s not true. Even if other grants exist, this has nothing to do with and does not justify the giveaway.

Here’s another fight with the teleprompter.

He blew off the question of whether he had any concerns about his actions, given that the Supreme Court ruling and the lack of authorization by Congress were factors.

He claimed, “I have no worries at all.”

He’ll blame Republicans for stopping him from doing what he can’t do.

As always, the Democrats are only interested in how they can maintain power, regardless of whether it is legal or illegal.