Biden Appears To Call For Congresswoman Who Died In August


Joe Biden seemed to be asking for Jackie Walorski, a Republican Indiana Representative to acknowledge the fact that Walroski was tragically murdered in a car accident in August.

Biden made this comment while addressing a White House conference about nutrition, hunger and health.

“And I want you to thank all of us here, including bipartisan elected officers like Senator Braun, Senator Booker and Representative McGovern. Jackie, are you still here? Biden looked around and asked, “Where’s Jackie?” “I didn’t think she would be here,” Biden said.

“Biden thanked bipartisan lawmakers for making this conference possible, but appears to be referring to the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, without realizing that she died in August,” Meredith Lee Hill, Politico reporter, tweeted.

Walorksi and two of her staff members were killed in a car crash in August. They were travelling in an SUV close to Nappanee, Indiana when they collided. The driver of the other vehicle also lost his life.

Along with Democratic Massachusetts Rep. James P. MacGovern, New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker, and Republican Indiana Sen. Mike Braun introduced bipartisan legislation to “convene another national White House conference about food, nutrition, hunger and health” in October 2021.

The U.S. Secretary for Agriculture Tom Vilsack spoke before Biden and thanked all four legislators, including the late Congresswoman Walensky, “for helping to organize this conference.”