Self-Described Incel Arrested After Recording Himself Harassing and Pepper-Spraying Women in Orange County, California


After several incidents where the suspect harassed and pepper-sprayed women in Orange County California, a self-described “incel”, was arrested last week.

KTLA reported that Johnny Deven Young, 25, was detained by San Mateo County authorities and charged with four felony counts of assault with great bodily injury, four felony counts of illegal use of tear gas, four felony use of deadly weapon enhancements, eight felony hate crime enhancements, and five misdemeanor counts of violation of civil rights.

Young was convicted in the misdemeanor case. He was then transported to Orange County jail. According to police, the suspect had been convicted in Nevada of a hate crime.

Young was accused of making explicit and vulgar comments about women, and in some cases even attacking them with pepper spray.

In November, a 29-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man were involved in the first incident at a local bar.

Costa Mesa police stated that the suspect verbally harassed the woman using explicit language and used “explicit words” to say he wanted to see her sexual organs and ask for sexual relations.

A man saw the situation and ran to the aid of the woman. Young then allegedly attacked the man and woman with pepper spray. Young fled the scene just before police arrived.

Police found Young’s social media accounts. They revealed a pattern of harassing women, recording their encounters, and then posting the footage online. According to authorities, Young identified himself on multiple of his social media accounts as an “incel,” also known by the “involuntary Celibate”.

Young uploaded a video to social networking, in which he followed a woman through a garage parking lot while verbally harassing them. Young also approached several women in a shopping mall and asked them vulgar questions.

According to police, Young is known for harassing and stalking women in and around bars, clubs, and gyms.

“His routine, or approach to women is he comes up and starts asking them vulgar, obscene and explicit questions about their bodies parts,” Costa Mesa Police Department Lieutenant Ed Everett explained to KTLA.

Young could be sentenced to a maximum of 13 years imprisonment if convicted on every count.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer stated that no one should live in fear of being indiscriminately attacked or humiliated online because of their gender. This behavior is unacceptable and it is shameful that like-minded people celebrate it. This sends a strong message to the entire community that violence against women will not be tolerated in any form.