Biden Claims He Is Powerless in Dealing With The Border Crisis


Joe Biden is the weakest person to ever occupy the Oval Office.

Biden’s failure to respond correctly to Iran has led us into danger in the Middle East. Three soldiers were killed in Jordan because Iran does not fear us. He’s instead emboldened Iran by giving them money to fund more terrorism.

Biden did it again Tuesday when the media caught him going to his helicopter on the South Lawn. They asked him about the border crisis. After three years of denying the crisis and insisting that the border was secure, he finally acknowledged it. He changed his tune and said, he always knew it was in crisis that it had been in crisis for ten years. This was an Orwellian lie, attempting to blame Republicans for his mistakes.

When reporters asked him why he could not act as executive branch and solve the problem, he gave an unbelievable answer. This is pure fantasy.

Biden said, “I have done everything I can.” Biden claimed, “Give me the power.” “I’ve been asking for it since the day I took office.” He asked for border patrol officers and judges to stop the situation.

He wants to increase the number of people who process illegal immigrants faster, but the solution is to enforce the law and secure the border as he has been doing since the beginning.

It is demonstrably false what he claims. Since the day he took office, he has never asked for assistance. He denied that there was a border problem, and he has revoked the executive actions that were immediately put into place by former President Donald Trump to secure the border.

Biden is the man with the power. If he does not know, he should leave office because he is too ignorant. He should resign if he is lying or confused once again. It’s a joke that this incompetent person is still in office and spreading this ridiculous nonsense.

Declaring he does not have the power when he has it, makes him appear as a liar and the worst liar of all time. He wants us to believe that he didn’t have the authority to secure the border, but he did. The people should vote him out for this falsehood, and not for his other lies or bad policies.

The border is now at its worst-ever point, with 302,000 illegal aliens crossing during December. This does not include the “getaways.” He doesn’t also want to pass the Secure the Border Act, which the House has passed. Why? He also says he cannot do better than anyone else. Why should anyone vote for him?

Dana Perino, Fox’s Dana Perino, said that it was insulting that they had him answer questions in this way when they could hear him.

She doesn’t understand that his handlers don’t want to hear him because he’s not coherent. He often has bad things to say. That’s probably why they do such things. They don’t care what Americans think. They’re only trying to minimize the images of him collapsing.

It’s not working.