Undercover IDF Operation Shakes Gaza After Hospital Raid Ends in Hamas Leader’s Death


Following the attacks of Hamas on October 7th, the war between Israel continues to rage. In a scene that culminated with a wild scene IDF agents dressed in disguise raided the hospital in Jenin and took out a Hamas chief and two deputies. Nobody else was injured.

The surveillance footage shows the start of the operation. One operator even disguised himself in a wheelchair, while others were dressed as Muslim women or medical workers. Photos taken later show the aftermath. Blood stains can be seen in the room where the terrorists had hidden.

Jenin is a terrorist hotspot that has existed for many decades.

The head of the hospital cried foul and claimed that the terrorists had been killed in “cold blood”.

The hospital director Dr. Naji Nazzal told Reuters, “The men were shot in cold blood in the same room where they were receiving treatment. ”

According to him, Basil Ayman Al-Ghazzawi has been receiving treatment for his spinal injury since October 25th. This injury had left him paralyzed.

Hamas has confirmed that Jalamna is a member of the Al Qassam Brigade, a Hamas-backed militant group.

Did Dr. Naji Nazzal know what would happen if he harbored terrorists in his hospital? The war isn’t pretty and Hamas members and Islamic Jihad members don’t get immunity just because they enter a hospital. Israel promised to hunt down those responsible for the attacks of October 7th, and they meant it.

Of Course, even the targeted murder of terrorists without collateral damage got pro-Hamas fans riled up.

Yes, this was a death squad, in that it was sent out to kill terrorists. The concept of special operations against enemy combatants is not new. Hamas may simply give up if it becomes too complicated for people such as Mehdi Hazan.

I have been told that Israel should cease all attacks resulting in civilian deaths. This attack resulted in zero civilian casualties. Hasan, and others like him, seem to support terrorism but do not care about civilian casualties. How could anyone guess?

What I found most disturbing about this operation was that no one was raped, beheaded, or gunned down.