Biden Continues To Lose Approval For Everything He Does


According to polls, the president’s approval is declining among independents. Biden’s net approval dropped from -2 on Inauguration day to -30 rolling into February. It was -20 on Sept. 21, 2021, and has only gotten worse. Another position Americans are not happy with is Biden’s pledge to choose a Supreme Court justice based on race and gender.

Biden made it clear that he will appoint a justice based on gender and race with the retirement announcement of Justice Stephen Breyer. Biden made a commitment to appoint a black woman for the Democratic primary seat. According to reports, Biden made this promise at James Clyburn’s request in order to win Clyburn’s endorsement for the South Carolina primary. The Biden campaign won the state.

Many members of Biden’s staff felt that promising to nominate a South Carolina black woman in the South Carolina debate was a bad move. Symone Sanders, who was a senior adviser on the Biden campaign confirmed to Rachel Maddow, that the story in a book excerpt was true. It is true that the book was written by some people, including myself, who did not want it to be interpreted as pandering to throw it out on a debate stage. People should remember that Biden was doing it to win the votes of black voters. Clyburn fulfilled his wish, and he cast the black vote in support of Biden, reviving an already-defunct primary campaign.

Three-quarters of Americans are in agreement with Biden’s campaign advisers, it turns out. ABC/Ipsos found that 76% of Americans agree with Biden’s campaign advisors and should not “consider only Black women nominees.” In fact, there have been both black members of the Supreme Court. The vast majority of Americans are not opposed to placing anyone in a position where they feel the person is qualified.

Biden would be better served if he sought out someone outside of the Ivy league’s law review club to broaden his perspectives on the Court. He does not. If the president was honest, he would have stated that he is naming a left-wing activist judge. The immutable qualities of an individual are merely pandering while their political philosophy is the most important.

This is something Americans are well aware of. A third of Americans know this. This is a terrible finding, as ABC found that 67% of Court opinions in the 2021 term were unanimous. This was an increase in Court opinions from the previous terms, even though President Trump appointed three justices to it. This indicates that at least two-thirds are law-based.

It is difficult to believe that the Court has made any decisions regarding culture war issues, such as abortion and LBGTQ rights. This perception will be worsened by putting a question mark on the head of the new justice, which allows for their qualifications to always be questioned. This is the unfortunate unintended consequence if Affirmative Action is applied in a wider context. Making race and gender the main hurdle to consideration for a lifetime appointment is unacceptable.

A poll found that Biden was also under-reported on almost every other important issue:

The President lost 18 points due to the economic recovery. His approval rating fell from 60% in March 2021, to 42% now.
69% disapprove of Biden’s handling of gun violence and inflation.
64% disapprove of his handling of immigration and crime.
Only one in four Americans consider the economy excellent or good.
Since his inauguration, Biden’s approval of COVID-19 fell from nearly 70% to 50%.
A plurality, 38%, oppose sending U.S. troops to Eastern Europe to discourage Russian aggression.

Recent polls have shown similar trends. Independents are voting against Biden and for the Democrats on the generic ballot. The reason for a change of strategy by the administration is unknown, other than the possibility that the agenda will come to a halt if either house of Congress changes hands. They seem to be riding a historic red wave with their moves every day. Every American should be concerned by the fact that they don’t seem to care.