Rogan Says He Will Invite All Points Of View Onto His Podcast


When the majority of the population practices the virtues, it is healthy for everyone. The two virtues are being less used. This is because the main media, which represents the largest but smallest group of people in society, has made the virtues appear dangerous.

This has unintended consequences. Western society is hungry for conversation and balance. There are very few mainstream figures who provide it. They have become the default destination for viewers and listeners looking for greater understanding between different groups. This podcast king is Joe Rogan. He has an 11,000,000 regular listenership, which is a testimony to America’s heart, despite what the mainstream left is trying to do to divide us.

The attempts to cancel or censor Rogan have been unsuccessful. This included 270 medical experts writing a letter to Spotify. Spotify employees also tried to pressure the company to remove Rogan. Celebrities like Neil Young declared that they would take Rogan’s music off Spotify.

They all failed and made themselves look stupid, especially the 270 medical “experts”, who were mainly comprised of influencers.

Rogan, however, is fair and reasonable. He took to Instagram to show his good faith and to let everyone know that he would be happy to add more people from the left to allow them to weigh in and share their thoughts. According to reports, he did not agree with the notion that he had been spreading “misinformation”. The podcast host also stated that he has no ill-will towards anyone trying to cancel Rogan and that he hopes that the conversation will be more balanced.

This is great news for fans of fairness and reasonability. It is important to listen to both sides of an argument. Even opponents should try to understand the other side’s point of view in order to fully grasp the issue.

Rogan may have thought that this would placate his critics. Many of the people on the left have a problem. It’s not that Rogan is giving more time to one side than to the other. It’s that he doesn’t give enough time to either side.

The problem with the leftist narrative, however, is that it cannot survive in a vacuum. You’ll find that very few leftists will be willing to have open discussions with the right. Twitter arguments often end in the leftist declaring victimhood as their arguments are dismantled by others in comments. This is the most popular way leftists pull the escape chord to keep their arguments and worldview intact.

The goal of the left (and I am referring to the radical left because Rogan has many leftist listeners), is not balanced. It’s domination. They will not be satisfied until Rogan is either following the party line or completely removed from the platform. Because their arguments crumble in the middle, there is no in-between.

Truth is, the world is more complex than one person’s view. Both sides can find facts frustrating. It is better to listen to all sides of an argument and then put your rational thoughts together.

The radical left believes rationality is poison. Their goal is not to think critically but to force a worldview onto others to empower their leaders and groups. Anything that stands in the way of this must be destroyed or censored. Rogan’s promises of more balance will only make them angry, not endear him.

It may not matter. This will make him more popular than anyone else and increase his big-fish status on Spotify. It almost guarantees that the censorship brigades won’t be ignored. The lesson here is that appeasement to the radical left cannot be earned without complete and total compliance and voluntary submission. This is true for Rogan and social media networks as well. They will continue to apply pressure for censorship.

These companies must reject their demands for a better society. However, it will take the pressure from the reasonable and fair to be stronger than the pressure from those who want to control the narrative.