Biden Denied Lower Oil Prices Unless He Helps Saudis and UAE With A Problem


America is currently in freefall in these golden days of Old Joe Biden’s funding regime. The whole world knows this. Stephen Green, PJM’s inimitable Stephen Green, stated Wednesday that “The alleged American President’s response to Ukraine War has been such detrimental to America’s interests that everyone views him as weak.” The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that two of the Middle East’s most powerful petrostates, Saudi Arabian and UAE, wouldn’t take Biden’s call. The reasons for this unprecedented snub are obvious: Saudi Arabia and UAE both know Biden isn’t a serious character and know his handlers won’t likely give him the help they need against Iran.

Old Joe tried to contact Mohammed bin Salman (the crown prince of Saudi Arabia) and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan (the crown prince Abu Dhabi), to seek relief from skyrocketing gasoline prices. According to the Daily Mail in the UK, “Oil prices have risen above $130 per barrel for the first time since almost 14 years.” The two Gulf countries are the only major oil producer that can pump millions of barrels more oil to calm the market. This comes at a time when gasoline prices are high.

They are the only major oil producers that can help. But they won’t until Old Joe provides some support regarding Yemen. The Iran-backed Shi’ite Houthis in Yemen are fighting the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen. Biden’s handlers are eager to repeat Barack Obama’s disastrous Iran nuclear agreement and make concession after concession to Iran’s mullahs. Biden must be open to the UAE and Saudi Arabia before they consider dropping oil prices.

Saudi Arabia cannot be considered a reliable ally of America, especially given the lingering questions regarding its involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It is however a significant bulwark against Iran within the region and many from both sides see the benefit of the American alliance. However, this group does not appear to include Biden’s agents. They quietly took out a sophisticated missile defense system from Saudi Arabia in September 2021, not realizing that Saudi Arabia was under constant air attack from the Houthis in Yemen.

It was another attempt to appease Iran’s mullahs. It was yet another attempt to appease the mullahs in Tehran. This could be, for instance, not withdrawing Patriot missiles from Saudi Arabia at a moment when Saudi Arabia is being attacked by missiles and drone attacks, not only from Yemen but also from Iran.

It is important to recall what Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated on November 5, 2020. He said that the next U.S. Administration would surrender to Iran. This was not just tough talk. It was an honest assessment of geopolitical conditions, given Biden’s apparent willingness to give the mullahs everything they want.

It is now bearing bitter fruits. Biden and the U.S. find themselves in this predicament because Biden’s handlers tried to discredit Trump and vindicate Obama. Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, which was so weak, was his most important foreign policy accomplishment. But then Trump made it — correctly — the worst deal that any American administration had ever reached and got us out. Biden’s handlers want to preserve Obama’s legacy. They’re willing to abandon our allies and give the green light to an enemy rogue nation that chants “Death To America.” Old Joe can be thanked for everything he did to secure his Iran deal.