Ted Cruz Bashes Democrats War on Energy


Ted Cruz, Texas Senator is outraged at the escalating energy crisis.

Cruz exposed some shocking facts regarding the Biden administration in a Tuesday interview. Cruz also revealed some brutal facts about the Biden administration.

Cruz stated that they could solve the problem by themselves and that he had just introduced legislation to restore American energy independence. They want to buy oil from Venezuelan and Iranian instead of looking at these options.

Cruz stated that “they would prefer to fund terrorist activities and extreme governments on the planet. ” “It’s appalling. ”

Biden’s government purchased 500,000 barrels per day of oil, despite previously stating that they would not be importing oil from Russia. The Biden administration banned oil imports from Russia and made it nearly impossible for Americans to drill for oil and attain energy independence in the United States.

Cruz presented Friday the Energy Freedom Act. This bill would make America an oil exporter, not an importer. Cruz posted a critique on his website accusing the Biden administration, saying that America is a source for funding wars against other nations.

“The United States lost its status as a net oil exporter in the past year under Joe Biden. This was the first time this happened since 1949.

These policies funnel billions to countries like Russia, Iran, and other allies. They use these funds to attack our allies and undermine our national security. Biden was silent when Iran lifted sanctions, allowing them to export more than one million barrels per hour for the first time in nearly three years.

Cruz claimed that the bill would not cost taxpayers and would start bringing in billions of dollars for the country. He said that the United States has a more efficient way to produce energy, making it more sustainable.

Although the bill won’t be much help for the Senate’s current situation, the midterm elections are approaching and Republicans will gain significant ground.