Biden Discusses Potential Bias and Prejudice Risks With AI Experts


President Biden will be meeting with artificial intelligence experts on Tuesday to discuss both the benefits and risks of this technology. Its impact on “bias”, prejudice, and discrimination is one of them.

White House officials said that “These experts have spoken out about the impact AI can have on jobs, bias, and children.” “They are also aware of the potential benefits AI technology can bring to education and medicine if it is safely designed.”

Biden is scheduled to be in San Francisco on Tuesday and Wednesday, where he will listen to eight experts from the industry. These include Jim Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media, and Tristan Harris (co-founder of the Center for Human Technology). Oren Etzioni, former CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Khan Academy founder Sal Khan will also speak.

Joy Buolamwin, the founder of the Algorithmic Justice League, was to address the President. This organization is committed to “leading an accountable and equitable AI culture”.

We live in an era when AI is the driving force behind information, freedom, and opportunity. AI systems can, however, perpetuate racism, sexism, ableism, and other forms of harmful discrimination. This is a serious threat to the society. It affects everything from criminal justice to healthcare.

The White House’s National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan, updated in late May by the White House, expressed the administration’s commitment to ensuring AI advancements “equity”.

According to the plan, “AI system development, when done with a view to minimizing bias and harm and in accordance civil rights, civil liberties, and the interests and concerns of those affected by the system, can help address social challenges that are complex.” The plan states that “AI systems designed in a way to minimize bias and harm, and in accordance with civil rights, civil freedoms, and the interests of those who will be affected by the system can help address complex social challenges.” Nevertheless, research is showing that AI can help identify harmful biases.

According to a White House official, White House Principals meet twice to three times per week to discuss AI.

Last Month, the Administration announced an investment of $140 Million in the AI Industry for the Establishment of Seven Research Institutes.

According to the Associated Press, the White House’s Office of Chief Staff Jeff Zients has been developing “decisive actions” the government can take to regulate AI.

According to the AP’s report, Biden is planning to hold two fundraisers in San Francisco to raise money for his re-election bid in 2024.