CNN’s Daniel Dale Gives up the Game in ‘Fact Check’ Request Posted on Twitter


RedState reported on Thursday that CNN’s “fact checking” division was at its lowest point, as so-called “reporters and fact checkers” of the struggling news network were actually using President Joe Biden’s denial that he played a part in the Dept. The targeting of Donald Trump by the Department of Justice in the classified document probe is “proof” he did not play a role.

We also noted that the leader of CNN’s fact-checking team, Daniel Dale declared during an exchange with Jake Tapper, “there is no indication, there is no evidence at all” that Biden was involved in the accusations against Trump.

As my colleague Nick Arama reported at the time, it was a statement which didn’t hold up, considering that in September more evidence had been revealed, lending credence to the claims that Biden indeed was involved.

Dale, who has previously denied any partisan motivations for his fact-checks, has, in my opinion, given up on the game. This is evidenced by the tweet he sent out Wednesday, in which he asked a Delaware gun-control group for help in a fact-check he was doing regarding the red-flag laws of the state:

The Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence is “DeCAGV”. They have recently tweeted things such as “@SenBlumenthal reminded us the Sandy Hook Class can vote in 2024.” Can we imagine what’s about to happen?” Also, “Thank you @JoeBiden. Delawareans are in favor of gun safety policies, and we have voted for you each time your name appeared on the ballot. “We are not done yet.”

To be fair, the fact-checkers, both the legitimate ones and not so legit ones, often ask for the opinion and comments of people or organizations who are involved in the topic.

But Dale did more than just that. He was “confident,” that the partisan group, which proudly displays its political views on Twitter, could provide him with the information he required to complete his fact-check on red flag laws within Joe Biden’s state.

There is a “huge” difference between merely asking for a comment from a partisan to use in articles and expressing confidence in their knowledge base. Dale believes that everything the Biden-supporting group at DeCAGV say is gospel truth.

Although Dale’s Twitter bio says that he “fact-checks the president,” in almost 90 days he hasn’t fact-checked Joe Biden.

He has, however, spent more time on random Twitter users, like Stephen Miller (@redsteeze), over the past month than he did Joe Biden, since the beginning of this year.

Miller speculated, by the way that Dale’s upcoming “fact-check” piece could have something to do Hunter Biden.

The plea agreement announced on Tuesday would not surprise me in the least if Dale was using this as a way to defend the son of the president of the United States.

The Democrat Party is not without its privileges.

Dale replied to my tweet by saying:

This does not negate the fact that Dale is a leftist and that he trusts organizations that are on the left. He doesn’t believe claims from sources that are on his right. Could you imagine him expressing that same “confidence” towards the NRA? I don’t believe so.