Biden Faces Hecklers Shouting ‘Go Home Loser’ During His Visit to Pennsylvania


In Pennsylvania, swing-state voters were hostile to President Biden when he visited several small businesses to promote his Bidenomics economic program.

“Go home, Joe!” “Go home, Joe!” yelled an onlooker as the Pennsylvania-raised President walked into a bicycle shop in Emmaus.

“You’re a loser!” Another shouted. “Loser!”

The president visited a coffee shop, a bicycle shop, and a running shoe store in eastern Pennsylvania’s downtown. President Obama’s visit coincides with major companies, including Citigroup and Amazon, announcing mass layoffs.

The president jokingly said, “My name’s Joe Biden. I work for both the governor and senator” as he entered the Nowhere Coffee Co. with Pennsylvania Governor. Josh Shapiro, D-Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.

Biden said on Friday that Bidenomics was a success in small-town America.

Biden, at a firefighter’s training center in Allentown (Pennsylvania), cited recent data on consumer sentiment and stated that people were feeling more positive about the economy.

Biden responded to a question from a reporter by saying, “If you notice they feel much better about the way the economy is going.” We haven’t told them who made the changes. Everyone is doing better, and they all believe it. They know. “It’s only just starting to sink in.”

Biden was elected in 2020 as the winner of Lehigh County, surrounding the city with 53.2%.