Biden Gets Lost, Tells Reporter to ‘Shush’ Before Incoherent Debt Ceiling Rant


Joe Biden, while the United States is heading towards fiscal disaster in the near future, is busy mingling with the G7 at their annual conference in Japan. It is hard to imagine a more wasteful event than the annual G7 conference.

Is it worth spending money and time to watch Biden get lost again in public? What has the G7 achieved in the past decade?

All the world leaders can easily see in the video which way to leave the photo opportunity. Biden, who is in the middle of the group, has the advantage of being able to simply follow the others. He still manages to turn around and get stuck up in the line, before being shown the correct way to go.

Come on, it’s not that big a deal in a vacuum. But we don’t. Biden is always lost when he tries to leave any type of stage. Why does he find the whole process so difficult? What is his biggest concern? We all know the answer, even if mainstream media isn’t willing to state it.

After Biden found out where he was, the president reprimanded the press for asking him any questions. He told a reporter during an exchange to “shush up” before launching into an incoherent tirade defending his debt ceiling strategy.

Does it always happen that one side refuses to negotiate and then jets off to Japan, while the country faces economic disaster? I don’t believe that is the usual script.

Biden and his handlers are aware that he doesn’t really have an excuse for this moment. They hoped Republicans would starve themselves to death and not pass any legislation in order to avoid default. McCarthy’s ability to assemble his supporters and pass a plan that was well thought out changed everything. The White House’s main talking point, that is, The idea that Republicans were responsible for a default because they had not put forward a viable deal has died.

I was assured that disrespecting reporters is a real threat to democracy by the great minds of the media. This is an attack on the foundation of our country. Unless, of course, the person disrespecting you is a Democrat.